Weird Owl – Nuclear Psychology(2007)(192 kb/s)

Weird Owl’s 2007 debut Nuclear Psychology, makes good on the first half of the Brooklyn quintet’s moniker. The lengthy droning ‘Like 100,000 Sunsets’ kicks out the weird so authentically (especially that old warbling organ), it could be easily mistaken for late-’60s psychedelic space-rock. Similarly, ‘Thy Space Grows Long’ is so hypnotic in its continuous pulses and undulations of guitar feedback and unchanging organ notes; it’s possible the band may have been musing on a mantra. ‘White Hidden Fire’ opens with the rootsy guitar tones of an old Neil Young & Crazy Horse recording before reverb-drenched singer Trevor Tyrrell comes in singing and the song softly explodes into a sludgy storm of feral feedback. Just when you think the tune is about to end, it unfolds into continuous layers of complex arrangements and tension built in an antagonistic call-and-response between the guitar and drum kit. Amazing how a little tremolo and tambourine can make everything sound so ’60s — ‘Tickle the Invisible’ sounds wonderfully inspired by early Pink Floyd, though the cover art mocks 1973’s Dark Side of the Moon. -review from itunes.

Track List:
01 – Like 100,000 Sunsets (8:05)
02 – Thy Space Grows Long (5:40)
03 – White Hidden Fire (7:03)
04 – Tickle the Invisible (7:49)
05 – King of Flowers (e.p.s) (6:52)


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Weird Owl – Ever the Silver Cord Be Loosed (2009)

It can be rather annoying when you receive a cd for review and there is no information about it supplied with it. Where does this band come from, who play in it, what are the tracks called, that sort of things. After some searching on the internet you will usually find this info, but that is basically a waste of time. When I found ‘Ever the Silver Cord Be Loosed’ by Weird Owl in this month’s batch, my first thought was “here we go again” until I noticed this was a cd on the Tee Pee Records label. Sometimes things can be delightfully predictable. I wrote down: heavy psychedelic rock, three or four bearded longhaired guys from California. Influenced by Dinosaur Jr., Screaming Trees, all Nuggets, Pebbles and Back from the Grave sixties samplers that can be found and perhaps a dash of Hawkwind and other early seventies hardrock as well. -keep reading in… lords of metal.

Track List:
01 – Mind Mountain (5:26)
02 – Skeletelepathic (4:55)
03 – 13 Arrows 13 Stars (6:18)
04 – Tobin’s Spirit Guide (6:01)
05 – Do What th’Owl Wilt (5:34)
06 – Phases of the Moon (5:47)
07 – In the Secrecy of Oceans (5:19)
08 – Flying Low Through the Air After Thunder (7:03)

– John Cassidy (keyboard, synth)
– Kenneth Cook (bass, keyboard, synth, back-up vocals)
– Sean Reynolds (drums, percussion)
– Jon Rudd (guitar)
– Trevor Tyrrell (vocals, guitar)


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