THTX – The Flickering Sky (2009)

The first THTX album which is not released by the band’s related ‘label’ Cosmo-Revolution Technologies what I know. They started in 2001 to jam together and recorded songs for several CDR’s supported by some friends until in 2004 the first official release saw the light of day. This time it’s the Austrian label Sulatron which offers their current effort ‘The Flickering Sky’. The CD starts off with the title track and takes us out on a 10 minute journey with droning synths, acoustic guitar, spacey sounds, and a building driving rhythm as this amazing track unfolds. Next up the sound becomes more low fi psychedelic and features some really cool guitar with a bit of an eastern flair at times. This reminds me of Sundial a bit. Osidias features some horns, drums and really is mystical and trippy, like the Nik Turner’s Sphinx vibe. Ultraviolet Twilight slows it down and is pretty trippy with sitar like guitar (but it is not). Infiltrating Light is like a psychedelic noise collage with some cool psych guitar and a very special sound mix. Collective Mind Anarchy takes us on yet another trip for almost 10 minutes and the sound changes completely, yet still manipulated but now the band is going uptempo and rocking out with long freaky guitar solos, spacey sounds and a driving pace. Son of Mu-tron is a short melodic spacey guitar piece. Darkness (11/11) is the only track with singing and features some very cool wah wah space guitar. Once before in the Future again features some nice acoustic guitar to augment the really spacey guitar playing that is in multiple layers on this track. The CD ends with the short Hawkwind inspired piece Shadow at the Gates of Nothingness. Brilliant psychedelic space trip. –taken from… aural innovations.

Track List:
01 – The Flickering Sky (10:27)
02 – Mu-tron (6:20)
03 – Osidias (5:40)
04 – Ultraviolet Twilight (6:28)
05 – Infiltrating Light (6:44)
06 – Collective Mind Anarchy (9:43)
07 – Zenta Childe (4:44)
08 – Son Of Mu-tron (2:14)
09 – Darkness [11/11] (6:54)
10 – Zenta Childe [Slight Return] (2:04)
11 – Once Before In The Future (5:02)
12 – Shadow At The Gates Of Nothingness (2:02)

– Matthew Smith (guitar, trumpet, bass, organ, vocals)
– Kerry Gluckman (drums)
– Larry Ray (bass on #1)
– Keir McDonals (synth on #2,5)


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