The Spacious Mind – Cosmic Minds At Play (1993)

Recorded at Studio KN, May – June 1993 by Kjell Nasten.
Offering spaced-out acid rock from North of the Arctic Circle, Sweden’s Spacious Mind initially formed as an electronic duo in 1991, releasing a song on very limited Swedish compilation before blossoming into a full-band. Exiting was Anders Sundbom, but keyboard player Jens Unosson added guitarists Henrik Oja and Thomas Brännström to the fold as well as percussionist David Johansson. Their debut full-length, Cosmic Minds at Play, was released on the Swedish label Garageland in 1993. Mostly instrumental, Cosmic Minds featured four extended tracks (the final track sub-divided into four movements of its own) — in theory similar to the prog-bloat of such bands as Yes or ELP, but in practice sounding more in line with Saucer Full of Secrets-era Pink Floyd, early Hawkwind, and such Krautrock bands as Amon Duul II and Ash Ra Temple.–keep reading in… answers.

01 – To Earth With Love (23:04)
02 – Sunchild (14:38)
03 – Dnimehts Of Us (10:13)
04 – Seashore Trees (21:47)
– I. Birth Of A Leaf
– II. Dancing Through Air
– III. To A Fairytale World
– IV. Utopian Forest

– Jens Unosson (synthesizer, hot electronics & audio generators, juno-piano, voice, atmospherics)
– Henrik Oja (electric & acoustic guitars, lying slide, e-bow, glockenspiel, tambourines, vocals, atmospherics)
– Thomas Brännström (electric & acoustic guitars, e-bow, slide, tin whistle, vocals, atmospherics)
– David Johansson (drums, percussion, atmospherics)
– Skellefteå Ungdomssynfoniker strings on #2)
– Anna Kågedahl (veena on #3)
– Mårten Lundmark (backwards-guitar on #3)
– Evelina Öhrn (hurdy-gurdy on #4 pt. II)
– Abbas Hazheer (vocals on #4 pt. IV)

This record is dedicated to the people on Elephant Mountain.



The Spacious Mind – Organic Mind Solution (1994)

(1994, Garageland Records GRCD 011)
Alternativa / Experimental / Psychedelic • Sweden

Recorded at Space Your Face Studios, April – July 1994 by Mats.

The thing i like most about this record is the photo of the five band members sitting on chairs and benches on a porch, you can see the sun is shining, and the green trees and flowers are in the background, great shot ! The music itself is for the most part layers of sounds that go on and on, not much in the way of melody or breakouts that’s for sure. The sound quality could be a lot better as well. The drummer keeps the beat and a steady wall of noise is heard in the background, and after a while it really annoys me. This is veg-out music, and i suppose being high might help to appreciate this more, i don’t know. I did like the sixth song, as the guitars stood out more on that one. This is a band that i really like but i just can’t get into this one.

–taken from… progarchives.

Track List:
01 – Introduction & River Of Two Returns (3:47)
02 – Interplanetarian Lovemachine Pt. II (25:38)
03 – Time Re-Circle (6:23)
04 – The Caresong – Adanech (6:53)
05 – Victorian Gardens (2:14)
06 – The One That Really Won the War (14:10)
07 – Leaving for Kacrakash/In Places Like These (14:49)

— Jens Unosson (synthesizers, electronics, atmospheres)
— Henrik Oja (guitars, vocals)
— Thomas Brännström (guitar, vocals, whistles, glockenspiel)
— David Johansson (percussion)
– Andreas (flute on #2, 6, & 8)
– Kaj (tablas on #4)

– All songs written, played & arranged by TSM except ‘Introduction’ by Sons and Daughters of the Space Tribe.

Organic Mind Solution is about freedom and therefore dedicated to the freethinking spirit in the newborn’s heart.

The Spacious Mind – The Mind Of A Brother (1999)

The aggressive stoner track ‘The Prophet Am I’ and acid folk like ‘The Close You Get to The Sun’ are incredible tracks, and the best ones on this CD in my opinion. The rest of the tunes are also good, but not totally exceptional. Drawn album covers are once again marvelous! I am still little troubled with some of the samples which I have heard before on the previous recordings, f.ex. the album begins 100% similarily as their first record! It’s possible, that I just don’t get some thematic message they are trying to give. Anyway, this is a good album, and it’s certainly recommended to all those who appreciate psychedelic music. –taken from… progarchives.

Track List:
01 – The Prophet Am I (14:29)
02 – House In The Country (10:10)
03 – Interplanetarian Lovemachine pt.III — the final solution (19:42)
04 – The Closer You Get To The Sun (10:31)
05 – Outlaw Mutation Boogie (19:36)
– a) compost modern people
– b) cornbread jam
– c) star harvest
– d) walk on down the road
– e) I want you to be free

– Jens Unosson (synthesizers, electronics, atmospheres)
– Henrik Oja (guitars, vocals)
– Thomas Brännström (guitar, vocals, whistles, glockenspiel)
– David Johansson (percussion)

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