The Oscillation – Veils + Bonus CD (2011)

It is almost three years since the release of The Oscillation’s debut album ‘Out Of Phase’ for DC recordings. In those three years the band have played live all over the world to great acclaim and Demian Castellanos has clearly honed his musical vision. Whilst the debut album was dominated by stripped back grooves and motorik rhythms ‘Veils’ sees The Oscillation sound mature in numerous ways: song craft and introspection adding to the already rich sonic textures to create a powerful and varied new collections of songs. From the industrial pulse of ‘Future Echo’ to the haunted b-movie swagger of ‘Fall’, the disco dub fury of ‘Telepathic Birdman’ to the ecstatic melancholy of ‘See Through You’, the album features a remarkable spectrum of sonic experiences that range from beautifully crafted melodic songs to droning, no-wave chaos.

This CD version comes with a special bonus disc featuring six previously unreleased ambient tracks. –taken from… all time low productions. –another review at roadburn.

Track List:
01 – Sandstorm (4:23)
02 – Future Echo (5:47)
03 – Fall (3:14)
04 – The Trial (4:40)
05 – Interlude (0:52)
06 – Telepathic Birdman (8:15)
07 – Shake Your Dreams Awake (5:49)
08 – See Through You (4:27)
09 – Veils (11:51)
10 – Lament (7:01)

The Oscillation – Veils (Bonus CD) (2011)
Track List:
01 – Ascent (5:40)
02 – Cold Blue Flame (7:51)
03 – Flickering (2:50)
04 – Moscovite Mindwaves (4:27)
05 – The Astral Eyeline (3:16)
06 – Dead Cell Memory (6:13)


The Oscillation – Out Of Phase (2007)

The tracks on ‘Out of Phase show an artist who is as comfortable making pop songs as expansive psychedelic freakouts. Tracks like ‘Respond In Silence’ demand comparison with the harder edge of the 70’s krautrock scene. The lambent vocal tones of ‘Hear Your Sadness’ recall bands like Spiritualized or Loop at their most medicated, ‘Liquid Memoryman’ like The Ruts battling their way out of an echo chamber to a background of white noise.

‘Out Of Phase’ contains the single ‘Head Hang Low’, a blissed out reworking of Julian Cope’s moribund ballad from 1984 newly rendered by Castellanos into a bitter sweet dose of pop melancholia. – dc recordings.

Track List:
01 – Visitation (3:45)
02 – Liquid Memoryman (4:08)
03 – Violations (3:46)
04 – Distant Transmission (1:11)
05 – Head Hang Low (3:42)
06 – Comatone [Part One] (4:31)
07 – Respond In Silence (4:29)
08 – This Is Nowhere (2:15)
09 – Gamelan Mindscape (4:30)
10 – Hear Your Sadness (6:01)
11 – Saturn 5 (4:34)
12 – Comatone [Reprise] (3:47)
13 – Visitation [Exit] (10:17)

– Demian Castellanos.. Live: DC (vox, guitar)
– Tom Relleen (bass)
– Chris Wackrow (keys)
– Jon Abbey (Drums)

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