The Movements – For Sardines Space Is No Problem (2009)(320 kb/s)

Here we have another interesting release offered by the Austrian Sulatron Records label. The Movements are from Sweden, formerly known for making garage rock music with a retro touch. They established their reputation by extensive tours through Europe delivering kick-assing live performances. This album is differing though because a kind of space prog production mixed up with krautrock and folk elements. –full review at… progarchives.

Track List:
01 – A Birth Under The Northern Sky (3:02)
02 – Mother, Some Day I´m Going To Be An Astronaut (7:52)
03 – In The Footsteps Of Gagarin (6:32)
04 – Trapped On Earth (5:28)
05 – Go Now My Friend [Out Into Space] (4:23)
06 – That Is The Wrong Bolt Christer, Standby (2:15)
07 – Ministers Of Space (9:08)
08 – The Grasp Of The Kings’ Hand Is Not Enough (7:06)

– David Henriksson (vocals and guitar)
– Christian Johansson (guitar, saxophone, backing vocals)
– Thomas Widholm (drums, xylophone)
– Gustaf Gimstedt (synthesizers, organ, backing vocals)
– Daniel Eriksson (bass)
– Daniel Pettersson (guitars, backing vocals)
– Kalle Kulenovic (flute)
– Jerker Jarold (synthesizers)
– Stefan Missios (clarinette)
– Rikard Johansson (saxophone)
– Karin Hagström (violin, backing vocals)
– Daniel Jaron (voice)


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