The December Sound (The Silver Album) (2007)

The December Sound are a Boston/Brooklyn band (guitarist/vocalist Zack Sarzana relocated to Brooklyn) who recently released their debut album. The set opens with ‘Never’, a full impact assault of heavy rocking psychedelia, as if Helios Creed were playing guitar with the Brian Jonestown Massacre. The intensity level goes into orbit on ‘No Heaven Like Hell’. The guitars bubble and shimmer like Hawkwind’s Space Ritual, but with a punked out searing edge. Relentless! ‘Drone Refusenik’ has a trippy Eastern flavor to an otherwise power psych rocking tune. ‘Painkiller’, ‘Maker’ and ‘Tape Tape’ are other power psych rock tunes I enjoyed.

I’ve read where a number of reviewers have referred to The December Sound as Shoegaze, but I don’t see how they could be labeled a Shoegaze band. ‘Reminder’ and ‘Truth Hurts’ certainly explore that realm, with their heavy but totally dreamy guitars. But otherwise, definitely not Shoegaze. 月 の 音 12 is a cool track with a mish-mash of freaked out efx’d guitar, drones, voice samples and general psycho mind-fuckedness. ‘Kill Me (Before I Kill You)’ is probably the closest to a pop song on the album. –keep reading in… aural innovations.

Track List:
01 – Never (3:34)
02 – No Heaven Like Hell (3:46)
03 – Drone Refusenik (5:39)
04 – Do You In (2:44)
05 – Painkiller (4:03)
06 – Reminder (4:49)
07 – 月 の 音 12 (4:25)
08 – Kill Me (Before I Kill You) (6:39)
09 – Maker (2:51)
10 – Il Forte (3:55)
11 – Truth Hurts (4:37)
12 – Tape Tape (3:08)
13 – Not If It’s on Your Time (13:36)

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