The Black Angels – Phosphene Dream (2010)(320 kb/s)

The Black Angels had some great songs on Passover and Directions to See a Ghost, but after a few tracks, they all began to sound the same. Phosphene Dream is a step up, if only for the little bit of variety that the tighter arrangements and genre-hopping provide. You can take it a piece at a time or swallow it in one big dose.

–taken from… pitchfork.

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Track List:
01 – Bad Vibrations (4:27)
02 – Haunting at 1300 McKinley (2:23)
03 – Yellow Elevator #2 (4:56)
04 – Sunday Afternoon (2:43)
05 – River of Blood (3:58)
06 – Entrance Song (3:38)
07 – Phosphene Dream (3:41)
08 – True Believers (4:33)
09 – Telephone (1:59)
10 – The Sniper (3:53)


The Black Angels – Directions To See A Ghost (2008)(320 kb/s)

Name yourselves after one of the Velvet Underground’s most aggressively amelodic songs and package your second album in an op art burnt orange and chartreuse freakout and you’d better be able to deliver the psych-drone goods. What’s most impressive about the Black Angels’ Directions to See a Ghost is that not only does the Austin-based sextet deliver like few bands have been able to manage since Spacemen 3 split. -keep reading in… allmusic.

Track List:
01 – You On The Run (4:53)
02 – Doves (4:29)
03 – Science Killer (4:45)
04 – Mission District (5:12)
05 – 18 Years (5:25)
06 – Deer-Ree-Shee (5:49)
07 – Never/Ever (8:34)
08 – Vikings (4:38)
09 – You In Color (5:52)
10 – The Return (4:31)
11 – Snake In The Grass (16:12)



The Black Angels – Black Angel Exit EP (2008)(vbr)

Black Angel Exit is a limited edition bonus EP given away to those who pre-ordered the Black Angels release Directions to See a Ghost. Black Angel Exit is also being sold at live shows on the Black Angels 2008 North American Summer Tour.

Track List:
01 – Surf City Revisited (5:13)
02 – Paladin’s Last Stand (3:43)
03 – No Satisfaction (Black Mountain Cover) (4:56)
04 – Black Angel Exit/Shine (9:28)


The Black Angels – Passover(2006)(320 kb/s)

What a better place to start then a band name that derives from the legendary band The Velvet Underground. The Black Angels’ debut effort entitled ‘Passover’ is extremely catchy despite the lack of coherence that is drowned in sounds of the effective psychedelic atmosphere all over. ‘Passover’ demonstrates how to create an atmosphere with non-stop psychedelic elements drenched with drones on all of these songs. Vocally it isn’t spectacular, but this is because the vocalist Alex Maas isn’t the centerpiece. Instead, we’re thrust in with massive drones and delicious guitar junctures throughout the entire album. Buildups aren’t epic, but are satisfactorily to uplift all of the necessary tools to create an intense album like as ‘Passover’. -keep reading in sputnik.

Track List:
01 – Young Men Dead (5:32)
02 – The First Vietnamese War (3:30)
03 – The Sniper at the Gates of Heaven (4:16)
04 – The Prodigal Sun (4:23)
05 – Black Grease (4:37)
06 – Manipulation (5:49)
07 – Empire (5:35)
08 – Better Off Alone (3:03)
09 – Bloodhounds on My Trail (3:58)
10 – Call to Arms (18:06)

– Nate Ryan (bass, guitar)
– Stephanie Bailey (drums, percussion)
– Christian Bland (guitar, bass, vocals)
– Alex Maas (vocals, bass)
– Jennifer Raines (drone machine)

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The Black Angels – The Sniper at the Gates of Dawn cdr (2005)(224 kb/s)

Band self released this EP in 2005. The CD and Cover are screenprinted. Hand numbered in green ink by Christian Bland and limited to 200.
A Repressing with blood splatters on the cover were made with a limited edition of 400. -taken from discogs.

Track List:
01 – Black Grease (4:32)
02 – Empire (6:00)
03 – Better Off Alone (32:00)
04 – Bloodhounds On My Trail (4:11)

The Black Angels – The Black Angels (ep)(2005)(320 kb/s)

It’s hard to imagine any well of inspiration that was more meaningful to these guys than the Velvet Underground song after which they’re named. Please note that I specifically said ‘song’, because The Black Angels dig deep into ‘Black Angel’s Death Song’, that tour de force of swaying and explosive sonic decadence. Adding to that inspirational stock, they stir in some garage-rock spice, some red-meat riffage and a big dash of druggy insanity to emerge with a sonic soup that’s as exotic as it is satisfyingly familiar. There are moments (like on the stunning ‘Manipulation’, which has as much Radiohead in it as it does Roky Erickson and Spacemen 3) that this four-song EP completely explodes its boundaries, leaving no doubt that when given a full album on which to explore their demented personality, The Black Angels will either deliver a disc of extraordinary consequence or turn into Brian Jonestown Massacre and be continually in search of the holiest tone. –underground hip hop-store.

Track List:
01 – Black Grease (4:35)
02 – The First Vietnamese War (3:33)
03 – Winter ’68 (2:41)
04 – Manipulation (5:57)

– Christian Bland (guitar, keyboards, vocals)
– Nate Ryan (guitar, bass)
– Jennifer Raines (organ, drones)
– Stephanie Bailey (drums, percussion)
– Alex Maas (vocals, bass)
– Todd Keller (guitar on Black Grease and Manipulation)

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