Television – Marquee Moon (1977)(Remaster Expanded Edition 2005)(320 kb/s)

New York’s 1970s punk was markedly different to that of Britain. Rather than reject the past, American groups deconstructed its forms and rebuilt them with recourse to the music’sstrengths. Television’s leader, Tom Verlaine, professed admiration for Moby Grape and the folk rock of early Fairport Convention. Elements of the latter appear on this album’s title track, which offers a thrilling instrumental break, builtupon a modal scale. Verlaine’s shimmering guitar style provides the set’s focus, but his angular compositions are always enthralling. A sense of brooding mystery envelops the proceedings, and Marquee Moon retains its standing as one of theera’s pivotal releases. -amazon.

Track List:
01 – See No Evil (3:56)
02 – Venus (3:51)
02 – Venus (3:51)
03 – Friction (4:43)
04 – Marquee Moon (10:40)
05 – Elevation (5:08)
06 – Guiding Light (5:36)
07 – Prove It (5:02)
08 – Torn Curtain (7:01)
··bonus track··
09 – Little Johnny Jewel, Pts. 1 & 2 (7:50)
10 – See No Evil (Alternate Version) (4:34)
11 – Friction (Alternate Version) (4:48)
12 – Marquee Moon (Alternate Version) (10:49)
13 – Untitled Instrumental Instrumental (3:21)

– Tom Verlaine (lead vocals , guitar)
– Richard Lloyd (guitar , vocals Fred Smith – bass, vocals)
– Billy Ficca (drums)

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