Sula Bassana – Kosmonauts (2010)(320 kb/s)

Sula released this CD last year as a CD-R called Sulatronics 2. The CD has been remastered and pressed as a real CD now. Here is my previous review. The music is mostly electronics but it also includes a drumbox, guitar, samples and mouthharp. There are 5 tracks in this one hour CD. Sula recorded these tracks between 2006 and 2009. Barbarella is an old school early 70’s style synth modulation track that builds and layers really nicely. Thora starts off with a totally different sound. Stella Star is a really electronic club techno like track. It has an infectious rhythm. Trillian is a long track that slowly builds up quite a cool groove that is faster than you realize, with this modular synth line, beats and stuff. Cool. Pygar ends the CD and is 10 minutes long and starts very slow and quiet with some building dreamy synth pads and chimes. Slowly, a bass line and some synth voices come and go. About 4 minutes in Dave plays some really cool laid back delay guitar over the top. Awesome track and great way to end the CD. Very cool CD. If you like Antrillon (Greg from Arc Met, Secret Saucer), you will like this stuff as well. aural innovations.

Track List:
01 – Barbarella (11:04)
02 – Thora (10:53)
03 – Stella Star (13:48)
04 – Trillian (13:32)
05 – Pygar (10:08)

– Sula Bassana (synthesizer, drumbox, sequencer guitar, sampler, mouthharp)



Sula Bassana – The Night (2009)(320 kb/s)

The Night is a total vintage styled space-rock album from this incredible multi-instrumentalist and composer. ‘In Space’ begins the album in dramatic fashion. The song has an infectious beat coupled with an eerie synthesizer and it sounds like there is mellotron in there too but I could be wrong on that one. All I know this is an electrifying way to start the album and it sounds very retro and old-school. ‘Lost In Space’ follows that with hypnotic, krautrock grooves and mesmerizing, warm keyboard sounds. The centerpiece to the album is up next, the four-part 15 minute juggernaut that is the title track ‘The Night.’ It starts off spooky and atmospheric before some very trippy guitar work takes over which features a contribution from Stefan Koglek from the band Color Haze. This track keeps building and evolving and is very melodic and yet sounds incredibly psychedelic. This 15 minutes seems to fly by effortlessly and is the highlight of the disc. -keep reading in… doommantia.

Track List:
01 – In Space (5:56)
02 – Lost In Space (6:51)
03 – The Night (15:31)
04 – Meteorritt (7:08)
05 – Kosmokrator (16:21)

– Sula Bassana (all instruments, vocals)
– Stefan Koglek (vocals on #3)


Sula Bassana & The Nasoni Pop Art Experimental Band Vol.I (2006)(320 kb/s)

In 2006 the Berlin Nasoni Records label had its 10th anniversary and this album was released for the celebration. Dave Schmidt aka Sula Bassana gathered members of bands like Liquid Visions, Weltraumstaunen, Johnson Noise and called this temporary project Sula Bassana & The Nasoni Pop Art Experimental Band. A freaky name indeed which forces some questions. Is it a reference to the legendary ‘West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band’ of the late 60’s? It might be – anyhow – it’s worth it to check this out. Very interesting songs are offered, played straightforward with much easiness, basically psychedelic/space and kraut stuff, well composed and performed in opposite to endless jams for example. -kept reading in… progarchives.

Track List:
01 – Slowner (5:35)
02 – The Terrascrew (3:11)
03 – Ridin’ (5:35)
04 – Go! (9:22)
05 – The Night After (7:19)
06 – Pay For Freedom (3:49)
07 – Daydreams (5:54)
08 – Emmerting Spring (9:24)

– Sula Bassana (guitars, organ, mellotron, synthy, drums, rainstick, bells, jews harp, flute, vocals)
– Jürgen Grunz (bass)
– Elli Popelli (vocals, bass, organ, one-string corn-can-violin, flutes)
– Chris Schwartzkinsky (drums)
– Michaela Traxler (overtone singing)

Sula Bassana – Dreamer (2002)(320 kb/s)

Sula Bassana is the one man project of Germany’s David Schmidt.He definitely channels that Krautrock vibe very well.I couldn’t help but think of what Roger Waters once said, that ideas were more important than virtuosity.When it comes to Psychedelic and Krautrock music especially that statement holds a lot of weight. This is David’s debut album called ‘Dreamer’ and it’s fantasic ! ‘Dreamer’ opens sounding very retro,very 60’s actually with the organ,synths and drums leading the way.Vocals join in but it’s the guitar before 2 minutes that’s the highlight of this track. ‘Dealer McDope’ is such a great title.Guitar to open as drums and a full sound arrive quickly.Spacey winds too before it settles around a minute.Oragn and vocals after 1 1/2 minutes.It’s very spacey late then it eventually blends into ‘My Blue Guitar’.A trippy beat follows as the guitar soars.Love this track. ‘Nervenlahmung’ opens with sounds that hum and float.We start to get a rhythm after a minute.It stops after 3 minutes as it turns spacey. ‘Ananda’ is spacey as a beat comes in.Some piano comes and goes as these strange sounds make noise over top.Sitar before 5 minutes.It kicks in unexpectantly before 9 minutes then settles again around 11 minutes. ‘Baby Blue Shuffle In D Major’ is apparently an unreleased PINK FLOYD track.At least i’ve never heard of it.It has an unusual intro then it settles in with a trippy beat.Some mellotron too.Great sound.The guitar becomes prominant before 3 minutes and the sound gets spacier. –progarchives.

01 – Dreamer (5:49)
02 – Dealer McDope (4:50)
03 – My Blue Guitar (7:41)
04 – Nervenlähmung (4:15)
05 – Ananda (12:45)
06 – Baby Blue Shuffle In D Major (9:29)

– Dave Schmidt (Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Synthesizers, Mellotron, Organ, Sitar, Drums, Drumsampler, Computer, Flutes)

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