Sula Bassana & The Nasoni Pop Art Experimental Band Vol.I (2006)(320 kb/s)

In 2006 the Berlin Nasoni Records label had its 10th anniversary and this album was released for the celebration. Dave Schmidt aka Sula Bassana gathered members of bands like Liquid Visions, Weltraumstaunen, Johnson Noise and called this temporary project Sula Bassana & The Nasoni Pop Art Experimental Band. A freaky name indeed which forces some questions. Is it a reference to the legendary ‘West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band’ of the late 60’s? It might be – anyhow – it’s worth it to check this out. Very interesting songs are offered, played straightforward with much easiness, basically psychedelic/space and kraut stuff, well composed and performed in opposite to endless jams for example. -kept reading in… progarchives.

Track List:
01 – Slowner (5:35)
02 – The Terrascrew (3:11)
03 – Ridin’ (5:35)
04 – Go! (9:22)
05 – The Night After (7:19)
06 – Pay For Freedom (3:49)
07 – Daydreams (5:54)
08 – Emmerting Spring (9:24)

– Sula Bassana (guitars, organ, mellotron, synthy, drums, rainstick, bells, jews harp, flute, vocals)
– Jürgen Grunz (bass)
– Elli Popelli (vocals, bass, organ, one-string corn-can-violin, flutes)
– Chris Schwartzkinsky (drums)
– Michaela Traxler (overtone singing)

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