Subterranean Masquerade – Temporary Psychotic State (ep)(2004)

This debut EP from Subterranean Masquerade brings to a light a type of music combining the likes of Pink Floyd with Opeth-like melodies and jazzy breakdowns that have not been seen before.
This bands features members Novembers Doom and Agalloch to create music that is the to the word ‘weirds’ fullest extent. –sputnikmusic.

Track List:
01 – Temporary Psychotic State (A Recollection Of Where It All Began)
02 – Observation Through Metamorphosis

– Paul Kuhr (Vocals) (Novembers Doom, Em Sinfonia, Laceration, These Are They, Earthen)
– Tomer Pink (Guitar)
– Jake DePolitte (Guitar) (The Kill, Anima Nera)
– Jason William Walton (Bass) (Agalloch, Sculptured, Especially Likely Sloth, Nothing, Celestiial, Self Spiler)
– Tino LoSicco (Drums) (Epoch of Unlight, Requiem, Enraptured)


And now… I’m lying here
Watching in silence
The process, almost complete,
This door is locked, enchanted with demise

And an image foreseen from the other room… Is this me?

The struggling to gain the throne of his own senses,
Dressed in disguise,
They paint him white, from head to toe
Oblivious to the void, its absence will apply

Staring, at the edge of time
Circulating without remorse
No regret for knowing too much
And staring at the eye of my world

The walls will stand tall and proud tomorrow
In this place where time stands still
Impossible to cure my image,
Impossible to cut my will

Mirrors upon mirrors of my soul trapped in a maze,
But it’s useless to express the pain
Room 63 is silent tonight
Behind the door, you can barely hear
Footsteps to another dream
From here

Will you hear?


Subterranean Masquerade – Suspended Animation Dreams (2005)

Before listening to this album the first time one should certainly expect the unexpected since the music we get offered here is absolutely impossible to categorize. Though usually being filed under progressive metal only 15 % of its contents in fact can be considered metal. Truly there are quite a few death metal type of growls, but those ones are very well woven into a fine drapery of lounge jazz, ethnic tunes, progressive rock, pop and who knows else type of music. Actually I’m not aware of ever having heard a similar record than this one (though I dare claiming to have a broad knowledge) and the only band sounding that much eclectic that comes to my mind is DISCUS from Indonesia. But the big difference to them is that Subterranean Masquerade succeeded even better since their record is much easier accessible than theirs. It’s really big fun to listen how these musicians manage to merge all those different genres together to form a truly unique piece of modern art. –keep reading in… progarchives.

Track List:
01 – Suspended Animation Dreams (2:26)
02 – Wolf Among Sheep [Or Maybe The Other Way Around] (6:26)
03 – No Place Like Home (8:01)
04 – Kind of a Blur (3:12)
05 – The Rock n’ Roll Preacher (9:06)
06 – Six Strings To Cover Fear (6:48)
07 – Awake (14:23)
08 – X (4:28)

– Paul Kehr (vocals)
– Tomer Pink (guitars, dulcimer, harmonica)
– Jake Delpolitte (guitars, bass)
– Steve Lyman (drums)
– Ben Warren (piano, Hammond organ, Rhoads)
– Willis Clow (guitars, mandolin, horn arrangements)
– Bronwen Beecher (string arrangements)
– Mitch Curinga (electronics & sound manipulation)
– Wayne Burdick (percussions)
– Kobi Farhi & Yishai Sweartz (Ali Baba on Acid Hafla on #3)
– Mike Sartain (guest vocals on #5)
– Wendy Jernijan (guest vocals on #7)
– Dave Chisolm (trumpet)
– Andrew Kuhnhausen (saxophone, flute, clarinet)
– Joe Chisholm (trombone)


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