Saturnia – Muzak [2006]

This remarkable blend of late ’60’s-early seventies prog-rock and psychedelia mix, all with a strong dose of early Floyd running through its veins, as mellotrons, guitars, solid and fluid bass and drum rhythms, acoustic guitar textures, close harmony vocals and more, all combine to paint a veritable masterpiece of a homage to a bygone era that’s not only being recreated to glorious effect, but sounding as though it never went away. With guest appearances from Space Ritual’s Nik Turner & Gong’s Daevid Allen, this is possibly the closest thing to early post-Barrett Pink Floyd that you’ll find. -StonerRock.

Track List:
01 – Mindrama (6:02)
02 – Organza (6:10)
03 – Kite (5:04)
04 – Infinite Chord (6:01)
05 – Analepsis (7:02)
06 – Aqua (7:17)
07 – Nipple (6:36)
08 – Utterly Luminescent (4:35)
09 – Hedge Maze (4:48)
10 – Syrian (10:43)

– Luis Simões / vocals, electric & acoustic guitar [picked, bowed and e-bowed], lap steel guitar, guitar pedals, acoustic sitar, tampura, bass, philicorda, Hammond organ, synthesizer, theremin, bisel flute, vibraphone, dulcimer harp, gong, chimes, sampled keyboards
– Francisco Rebelo / Rhodes electric piano on #2)
– Daevid Allen / spoken word on #10)
– Nik Turner / flute licks on #2)
– João Alves / acoustic six string guitar on #3, acoustic twelve string guitar on #5)
– Flopi Simões / mid-section flute solo on #2)


Saturnia – Hydrophonic Gardening [2002]

Taking mellow, psychedelic nature of The Glitter Odd as their cue, Saturnia, still consisting of Simões and Rebelo, create their most lush and organic work today, hence quite appropriately titled Hydrophonic Gardening. –allthatisheavy.

Track List:
01 – Hydrophonic Gardening (5:09)
02 – Kozmische (10:13)
03 – Sunflower (8:43)
04 – Lava Lamp (6:09)
05 – Planetarium (3:23)
06 – Vimana (8:26)
07 – Omnia (9:30)

– Luis Simões (electric, acoustic, & classical guitars, electric & acoustic sitars, vocals)
– Francesco Rebelo (electric bass, bass pedals, organ & synthesizer, percussion)

Saturnia – The Glitter Odd [2001]

Saturnia somewhat re-invented themselves for their second release, The Glitter Odd. M. Strange left the band, replaced by Francisco Rebelo, though the driving force behind things remained Luis Simões. Tossing out, for the most part, the hyper-driven electronica rhythms of the first album, the band took a bit more of a traditionalist psychedelic approach this time. There were still upbeat pieces, like the amazing opening track, Chrysalis, but this time the rhythm was more of in more of a grooving style than a dancing style. Other tracks, such as Bliss and Borealis incorporated echo dub-style rhythms into the deeply spacey compositions. They also began exploring otherworldly ambient textures, most notably on the alien jungle atmospherics of A Trick of the Light and the second half of Azimuth/Menadel. Organo even incorporated some lounge organ into the mix, turning the piece into space age bachelor pad music that threw out the martinis in favor of something a little more hallucinogenic. All in all, The Glitter Odd is a much more exploratory album than the debut, with a deeper sound and a definitely mellower approach, as the surrealist space tones of the closing title track definitely summarize. –aural innovations.

Track List:
01 – Chrysolis (4:48)
02 – Bliss (4:06)
03 – Still life (5:15)
04 – A trick of the light (4:18)
05 – Ozimuth / menadel (10:41)
06 – Organo (6:34)
07 – Borealis (6:50)
08 – The glitter add (4:54)

– Luis Simoes (electric, acoustic guitar, sitar, lap steel, vocals, theremin, gong, rhythms)
– Francisco Rebelo (organ, synthesizer, gong, rhythms)

Saturnia – Saturnia [1999]

Saturnia, the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Luis Simões began with the idea of fusing the classic psychedelic sound of late sixties bands like Pink Floyd and Ash Ra Tempel with their modern trippy counterparts, the artists of the rave and electronica culture. Their self-titled debut blended exotic instruments like sitar and Theremin with more traditional instruments like guitar and organ, and all sorts of wild effects, set to sharp metallic hip-hop and techno rhythms. Simões, joined by M. Strange and guests Flapi Simões and João Gomes create blissed out sonic voyages like the organ and flute driven Club Aquarium and the epic East Indian jam of The Twilight Bong. With its heavily processed vocals, meandering Moog soloing and languid, trip hop beats, Gemini sounds a bit like Portishead on acid. The deep space slide guitars of Iris give it an early Pink Floyd feel until the rapid fire electronic rhythm takes it in completely different directions. And just when you get totally mellowed out, Sculptress Sublime kicks in with its screeching guitars crashing piano notes, juxtaposed against oddly haunting notes that sound like vibes in space. –aural innovations.

Track List:
01 – Club Aquarium (5:59)
02 – Gemini (4:49)
03 – The Twilight Bong (7:33)
04 – Irsi (4:10)
05 – Interstellar Rainbow Lung (6:19)
06 – Scultress Sublime (6:07)

– Luis Simões (Guitar, electric & acoustic Sitar, Vocals, Lap Steel, Theremin, Sequencing, Gong)
– Francisco Rebelo (Organ, Synthesizer, Gong)

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