Pressurehed – Sudden Vertigo (1993)(224 kb/s)

Born in the industrial music scene of Los Angeles, Pressurehed will emerge as the leading voice in the American space-rock universe.
Pressurehed was formed in 1987 in Hollywood (California) by vocalist Tommy Grenas and keyboardist Len Del Rio and for a while produced limited-edition cassettes. The band grew a cult mainly because of its live performances, where they used spectacular gothic/cyberpunk videos and slide projections.
Sudden Vertigo (Cleopatra, 1994) was born out of this line-up. Guitars take over keyboards, thereby resurrecting Chrome’s nightmarish maelstroms and directing them into thundering and torrential jams. -kept reading in… aural innovations.

Track List:
01 – Sudden Vertigo (Intro) (5:18)
02 – Red Delta (4:25)
03 – Dead Air (3:49)
04 – God’s House (5:38)
05 – Shockneck (3:22)
06 – The Right Stuff (7:17)
07 – Majestic 12 (5:58)
08 – Man In Static (4:21)
09 – Time Slip (4:42)
10 – Conscious Control (5:50)
11 – Wet Engines (5:32)
12 – Slo Blo (8:06)

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