Ozric Tentacles – Pyramidion (EP)(2001)(320 kb/s)

Well, I am writing this review after a weekend of seeing the band live. Before the shows, I totally dug the new song ‘Pyramidion’. Very cool mixture of electronics, hypnotic beats and ripping guitar. Very psychedelic! But wait until you hear this live. Incredible, that is all I can say. The rest of the EP contains live material recorded in Sheffield back in 2000 on the Hidden Step tour and focuses on electronics rather than pyrotechnic guitar. ‘Xingu’ (a very electronic tune) is excellent live and was a cool song for the band to play live. ‘Pixel Dream’ is incredible live and this is a particularly long version (over 12 minutes!). ‘Sultana Deltrii’ is actually quite short compared to the versions they played on the US tour in 2000. ‘Aramanu’ closes the CD and features some very cool flute playing by John and is a great song. A pretty long EP at 41 minutes. Well, worth the price. –aural innovations.

Track List:
01 – Pyramidion
02 – Xingu (Live)
03 – Pixel Dream (Live)
04 – Sultana Detrii (Live)
05 – Aramanu (Live)

– Ed Wynne (guitars, synthesizers, samps)
– Seaweed synthesizers)
– Champignon flutes)
– Zia bass)
– Johnny Morgan (drums on #1)
– Rad (drums on #2-5)

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