Outer Limits – Misty Moon (1985)(320 kb/s)

Excellent debut album by Outer Limits from Japan. From the first notes you can recognize that they are influenced by King Crimson on violin parts and guitars and some UK hints here and there specially on keyes. The vocal parts are sung in english and japaneze and i think are the weakest element here. Very fine, smooth and inventiv are the violin parts made by Takashi Kawaguchi, he remaind me at some point of Edie Jobson, but less symhonic in aproach, close to what King Crimson done a decade earlier. Now the best musician on this album is to me Tadashi Ishikawa – the bass player, he is absolute excellent what he does with the instrument. He has some solo parts on piece Misty Moon, and is damn good, and on the rest of the pieces he does a very good job. The best pieces are all, but with a plus on instrumental ones, Saturated Solution – the most symphonic piece from here with very strong key passages, simply great and the last track of the album Spanish Labyrinth – again marvelous spanish guitar intro and after that a bursting of energy and freash ideas. Finally, this is a great album, specialy because it was released in dark days of prog , mid ’80’s. He has everything to became a more respected album that is seen today. Recommended and quite underrated by many prog listners. 4 stars for sure, among the best japanese bands ever. – progarchives.

Track List:
01 – Prelude (9:29)
02 – Misty Moon [original LP version] (13:16)
03 – Saturated Solution [original LP version] (5:54)
04 – Subete Wakazenoyouni (12:04)
05 – Spanish Labyrinth (5:54)
06 – Saturated Solution (5:47)

– Shusei Tsukamoto (keyboards)
– Nobuykuki Sakurai (drums)
– Takashi Kawaguchi (violin)
– Tomoki Ueno (vocals)
– Takashi Aramaki (guitars)
– Tadashi Ishikawa (bass)

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