Oresund Space Collective – Good Planets Are Hard To Find (2009)(320 kb/s)

It’s thoroughly amazing that all of Good Planets Are Hard to Find came out of improvisation. So many bands agonize over songwriting and have never recorded their music together in one room at one time. Certainly, Øresund Space Collective pick the best stuff to appear on a full-length release such as this, but I can’t imagine the ‘worst’ stuff being very bad at all. Anyone who enjoys jam bands, progressive rock, or space rock should absolutely check out this group – even greater things will continue to come out of these improv sessions.

-mm… i do not know where i read this.

Track List:
01 – Good Planets Are Hard To Find (9:43)
02 – Space Fountain (8:51)
03 – Orbital Elevator (16:12)
04 – Pf747-3 (19:36)
05 – My Heel Has A Beard (6:01)
06 – MTSST (19:28)

– Tobias (guitars))
– PIB (drums)
– Thomas, Jocke (bass)
– Luz (percussion)
– Mogens (Hammond, synths)
– Dr. Space (Synths)
– KG (sitar, guitar, Hammond)



Oresund Space Collective – The Black Tomato (2007)(320 kb/s)

I love this album! The band, consisting of 9 astronauts, takes off into space again with exciting grooving jams – presented very relaxed with much easiness and wonderful melodic parts. OSC’s concept is consisting of compelling psychedelic twin and triple guitar work, based on an excellent working rhythm section and combined with diversified keyboard stuff – what more can you expect?

OSC is a space crew headed by captain Scott Heller which doesn’t line up as a usual band. Changing members is a principle, a method to inspire the band again and again. They have excellent connections to the space/psychedelic scene of scandinavian and even other european countries. So they are inviting wellknown musicians from time to time to participate at their concept especially for delivering live performances. But ‘The Black Tomato’ this time is the result of studio sessions – recorded on the fly and without any overdubs! keep reading in progarchives.

Track List:
01 – Rumble Part I (7:38)
02 – Rumble Part II (10:15)
03 – Rumble Part III (9:37)
04 – Rumble Part IV (8:05)
05 – Rumble Part V (2:58)
06 – The Black Tomato Part I (8:02)
07 – The Black Tomato Part II (11:45)
08 – The Black Tomato Part III (12:19)
09 – Viking Cleaner (6:28)

– Dr. Space (keyboards, synthesizers)
– Sebastian (guitars, effects)
– Tobias (guitars)
– Magnus (guitars, effects, synthesizers)
– Mihael (bass)
– Joakim  (bass, guitar)
– Ola (Fender Rhodes, synthesizers)
– Mogens (synthesizers, effects)
– Søren (drums)

it was not easy to choose this video… a great sound, awesome visualisations

Oresund Space Collective – st (2006)(320 kb/s)

Released on Jan 21st, 2006. Limited number edition of 500 Copies. Sold out 10-07

Øresund Space Collective home page

Track List:
01 – Faked It All the Way (6:21)
02 – Consumed By the Goblin (14:51)
03 – OSC bolero (5:22)
04 – Falling stardrops (15:46)
05 – Grab a Cab (7:15)
06 – Moonhead (2:29)
07 – Sundown (17:39)

– Magnus (guitars, effects, synthesizers)
– Sebastian (guitars, effects)
– Dave (bass)
– Michael (bass)
– Scott (synthesizers)
– Ola (Fender Rhodes, synthesizers)
– Mogens (synthesizers)
– Suren (drums)



thanks carl for this osc video, they are the best!!

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