Oceansize – Frame (2007)(320 kb/s)

If it wasn’t already clear from their sophomore effort that rocked the progressive world, Oceansize have stolen the flag of progressive rock and are waving it high. While this effort may not be quite as extreme, mood wise in their compositions on this output it’s glaringly clear that they know what they’re doing, and are the best at it. While Everyone Into Position was a masterful work of art and an album that blissfully combined the more soft and the more heavy side of the modern progressive scene this album takes everything that they were doing before and cranks it to the next level.
Extreme moods, maybe not, but the overall consistency of the tone and darkness on the album is truly impressive. The easiest song to compare any of Oceansize’s modern work to is actually the easily most impressive opus from their former output ? imagine Ornament/The Last Wrongs, the incredible closer of Everyone Into Position, turned into a full length album and you pretty much get Frames. This one is a lot more subdued and subtle than anything that Oceansize has attempted before, which ironically turns it into a very ambitious project overall, one that has to capture the audience’s mood and hold their attention while trying to manage the build and climaxes from the best of the post rock world in a decidedly ‘Heavy Prog’ environment. Somehow it all works very well. -keep reading in… progarchives.

Track List:
01 – Commemorative T-Shirt (8:37)
02 – Unfamiliar (6:32)
03 – Trail of Fire (8:06)
04 – Savant (8:07)
05 – Only Twin (7:22)
06 – An Old Friend of the Christies (10:19)
07 – Sleeping Dogs and Dead Lions (6:42)
08 – The Frame (10:08)

– Mark Heron (drums, percussion)
– Gambler (guitar, keyboards)
– Steven Hodson (bass, keyboards, cymbals)
– Mike Vennart (vocals, guitar)
– Steve Durose (guitar, vocals)
– Paula Simpson (violin)
– Justin Lingard (viola)
– Semay Wu (cello)

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