Maserati – Pyramid Of The Sun (2010)(320 kb/s)

After the tragic death of their second drummer, Jerry Fuchs, instrumental rock outfit Maserati, entered the studio to honor their deceased friend and fellow band mate. Extra time and attention was paid to their latest release, Pyramid of the Sun, and it truly shows, as the band has put out one of this years most intriguing albums, encompassing a myriad of sounds and influences, making not only for a wonderful epitaph, but a purely fascinating record.

What makes Pyramid of the Sun so downright great is its incredible sense of freshness and originality. While vocals are not to be found on the album, it’s difficult to describe Maserati as post-rock, instead, the band sounds like a convergence of instrumental rock, psychedelic, and electronica. Often times, this odd concoction is a hell of a lot of fun, with everything sounding so spacey yet so contained. This is further bolstered by a really interesting atmosphere.

Yet for all of its spacey and airy ambiance, Pyramid of the Sun is pretty damn funky. full review at… sputnik.

Track List:
01 – Who Can Find the Beast? (2:32)
02 – Pyramid of the Sun (4:36)
03 – We Got the System to Fight the System (4:13)
04 – They’ll No More Suffer From Thirst (4:53)
05 – Ruins (2:54)
06 – They’ll No More Suffer From Hunger (6:26)
07 – Oaxaca (8:12)
08 – Bye M’Friend, Goodbye (6:37)

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