Galaxy – Natures Clear Well (1978)(256 kb/s)

Galaxy (Waniyetula) is german band who plays symphonic prog in mood of Genesis, Yes and in places from their country fellows Grobschnitt. Waniyetula (Galaxy) recorded this album album in 1975 and was only relesed in 1978 but with diffrent name – Galaxy -the american label who bought the rights of the album from the german one change their name in Galaxy, matter of marketing and because the name was better and more catchy than Waniyetula who sounded pretentions an unintristing. In fact is the same band but with diffrent name. My Cd version is re relesed on Spalanx in 1998. About the music, is very ok with great time signatures, excellent shifts between guitar and keys, remind me of Genesis (Trick of the tail era), great musichianship all through the album. The voice is good, not exceptional but fits very well in this kind of music. One of those forgotten little treasures from late ’70’s and for sure needs a better view. The music is well played delivering a great symphonic prog with some beautiful key passages made by Norbert Abels. So all in all a great album, the best pieces are: the title track Nature’s clear well, over 10 min of pure symphonic moments of the highest calibre, great key arrangements, You’ve really got it fixed and Dreams out in the rain, the rest are aswell strong. This album desearves from my side 4 stars without hesitation, one of the minor albums from late ’70’s that gone unnoticed by many. –progarchives.

Track List:
01 – Nature’s clear well (10:42)
02 – Warning walls (5:15)
03 – I’ve come from a world (4:20)
04 – You’ve really got it fixed (4:24)
05 – Dreams out in the rain (6:24)
06 – Wish I were happy (6:17)

– Norbert Abels (keyboards, backing vocals)
– Hermann Beckert (bass)
– Victor Bergmann (drums, percussion)
– Richard Kersten (lead vocals, acoustic & electric guitars)
– Heinz Kühne (acoustic & electric guitars, backing vocals)

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