Farflung – So Many Minds, So Little Time (1997)(320 kb/s)

From Los Angeles, Farflung plays a high energy, often punkish brand of spacerock that is more like a stealth bomber than an acid trip. Their influences range from early 70’s Krautrock to Pink Floyd sound explorations, all on steroids and usually on the same song. On this, their third CD, the band has released a collection of singles and remixes. The band consists of Michael Esther, Tommy Grenas (How many bands is this guy in?), AG Lovejoy, and Gammaknife, with contributions from Paul Fox, Doran Shelley and others. -keep reading in aural innovations.

Track List:
01 – Landing On Cydonia (14:24)
02 – Vision Of Infinity (4:01)
03 – Icarus/Daedalus (11:36)
04 – The Way The Sky Is (4:42)
05 – Future Days (5:24)
06 – See You Up There (4:17)
07 – The Raven That Ate The Moon (12:20)
08 – Mother Orbis (14:21)

– Tommy Grenas (vocals, guitar)
– Michael Esther (guitar)
– Brendon LaBelle (drums)
– Buck McGibbony (bass)




Farflung – A Wound In Eternity (deluxe edition- bonus track) (2008)(320 kb/s)

Farflung are a band who have been carving themselves a path through the underground for over a decade, working themselves up that hill slowly but surely. Their music certainly pushes for the stars, and as a matter of fact it all seems to take place amongst them. Think space-rock by way of Hawkwind and couple it with a modern psychadelic edge that also seems to orbit stoner rock territory. They’ve got the swagger and know-how of a Queens of the Stone Age, for sure. A Wound In Eternity should mark a big step on their paths through the cosmos. –full review at… music emissions.

Track List:
01 – Unborn Planet (4:32)
02 – Endless Drifting Wreck (6:43)
03 – Like It Has Never Been (5:04)
04 – Stella Volo (5:30)
05 – Ix (6:02)
06 – Silver Shrooms (5:24)
07 – Invincible (6:09)
08 – Precognition (6:47)
-bonus track-
09 – R-Complex (5:36)
10 – Posession (7:25)


Farflung – When Science Fails (2002)(vbr)

A REALLY good album from psychedelic rock band Farflung. Not really so much space-rock, but a more atmospheric album.

Track List:
01 – Ant Lion (8:40)
02 – The Nation (7:04)
03 – Veil Crank (6:17)
04 – Terminal (8:34)
05 – Murk Cold Sun (4:30)
06 – Something In The Water (24:38)

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