Eidetic Seeing – Eidetic Seeing (2011)

Eidetic reduction is the stage subsequent to transcendental or phenomenological reduction and is sometimes viewed as the second stage of phenomenological reduction itself. Transcendental reduction lifts us to the transcendental realm, and turns empirical consciousness to transcendental or pure consciousness. Eidetic reduction of an act of transcendental consciousness penetrates to essence. It is a procedure for acquiring insight into essence and places us in cognitive contact with general or universal knowledge. The result of this reduction is a clearer and more distinct consciousness of the universal. –myspace.

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Track List:
01 – Hebrew Scrabble/Hush (14:48)
02 – Deep Falafel Prophet (8:08)
03 – It’s Brick Out (3:37)
04 – Variations On A Reinterpretation Of Lord Siva (8:54)

– Sean Forlenza (guitar, voices)
– Danilo Coleman (bass)
– Paul Feitzinger (drums, synths)


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