Dragontears – 2000 Micrograms From Home (2007)(320 kb/s)

Woodrose dominates with his song writing skills and excellent vocals – distorted a little bit but charming anyhow. The first four songs are shorter dreamy excursions controlled by acoustic and quirky electric guitars, glockenspiel and spacey synth and organ patterns. Borderline gets out of the range presenting 60s psychedelia references backed by a simple beat. This is very melodic by the way and defenitely inviting for singing along. Suitable for a science fiction movie the short Heliodrone is dominated by synths which are sounding like spaceship machines. And then the album also holds the long jam The Doors Of Prescription – a spacey trip showing a simple repetitive rhythm and lots of variations by guitar and vocals over the course of time – hypnotic, floating and relaxed grooving. Some samples are integrated which brings more varity. For me the ultimate highlight – great song! –progarchives.

Track List:
01 – Microdot (6:39)
02 – Borderline (4:26)
03 – Hobitten’s Drøm (4:04)
04 – Doubtstains (4:21)
05 – The Doors Of Prescription (17:53)
06 – Heliodrone (2:00)

– Lorenzo Woodrose (guitar, vocals, organ, percussion)
– Ralph A. Rjeily (banjo, effects)
– The Moody Guru (bass, guitar, Glockenspiel, vocals)
– Fuzz Daddy (drums, organ)
– The Hobbit (guitar, effects)
– Aron (guitar, voice)



Dragontears – Turn On Tune In Fuck Off! (2010)(320 kb/s)


The populous Danish outfit Dragontears specialize in a brand of heavy psychedelic pop that you simply don’t find in the American scene. Not only is the group’s third album, Turn on Tune in Fuck Off!! (Bad Afro), blissed out and loaded with all the synth swirls, backing vocals, electric tones and whathaveyou that you can handle, it’s also undeniably pop-driven, with at least the first several of its total six tracks boasting catchy classic psych choruses that, the more you hear them, the more you want to hear them again. Fans of heavy Europsych will recognize fronting figure Lorenzo Woodrose from the long-running and still very much active Baby Woodrose, and Dragontears also boasts members of On Trial… and probably five other bands. Hey, there are eight people. It’s bound to happen. -continue reading… the obelisk.

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Track List:
01 – Two Tongue Talk (3:54)
02 – No Salvation (4:31)
03 – My Friend (3:31)
04 – Time Of No Time (6:10)
05 – William (13:15)
06 – Mennesketvilling (5:49)

– Lorenzo Woodrose (vocals, guitars, organ, drums, bass)
– The Hobbit (guitars, Harmonium)
– Moody Guru (percussion, guitar)
– Fuzz Daddy (percussion, oszillator, theremin, tanpura)
– Anders ‘Evil Jebus’ Onsberg (effects)
– Ralph A. Rjeily (effects)
– Lars von Lundholm (keyboards)
– Emma Acs (percussion, vocals)
– Sebastian Winther (percussion, vocals)
– The Adam (percussion, vocals)


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