Dead Flowers – Altered State Circus (1994)(256 kb/s)

Dead Flowers have gone through many changes since their foundation in 1987 (in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne). They privately released a 7″ single that same year: ‘TV’. But it took them four years to release a first LP, four years of gigging, writing material and changing line-ups. ‘Smell The Fragrance, Free Your Mind’ was not really an album, but a collection of loose tracks, recorded by various line-ups over a long period of time, featuring some mean acid guitar pieces. Mystic Stones also released the sequel ‘Moontan’, in 1992. It showed a much tighter, mature band demonstrating their ability to master both Hawkwind-like space rock and more stoned, experimental compositions. A new, third, album was recorded in May ’94 for Delerium Records and it proved to be their mst challenging attempt so far: ‘Altered State Circus’ shows a band that has mastered quite a broad spectrum in psychedelic rock, ranging from the Soma / Strobe-like type of space rock (‘The Elephants Eye Was Eerie’ and ‘Warmth Within – Chemical Binoculars’) via ambient moody psych (‘Slouch Factor 9’ and ‘Vodaphone in Oz’) to the very Pink Floydish sounding (‘Saucerful Of Secrets’ period) instrumental title track.
Dead Flowers have become a versatile group who play a cross-over between older and newer types of psychedelic music, a formula that turns them into a big future promise. A real good album that needs YOUR attention. –delerium records.

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Track List:
01 – The Elephants Eye Was Eerie (8:50)
02 – Altered State Circus (5:01)
03 – Warmth Within (Chemical Binoculars) (10:36)
04 – Slouch Factor 9 (8:19)
05 – Full Fist (4:18)
06 – Free The Weed (8:38)
07 – Vodaphone In Oz (13:14)

– Ferank Manseed (Vocals)
– Steev Swayambhunath (Guitar)
– Count Spacey (Bass)
– Chief (Drums)
– Chris Barnett (Keys)


thanks carl for this beautiful video! i am sorry to i can not comment your works on youtube … because i’ve been a bad girl for a long time and now google it will not let me register in their products..  oh yeah bad girl.

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