Darryl Way’s Wolf – Saturation Point (1973)(JPN MASTERING SHM-CD)(256 kb/s)

When Curved Air fell apart in 1972-1973 Darryl Way formed a new band called Wolf or Darryl Way’s Wolf who carried on much in the same style as Curved Air. The band compromised of Darryl Way (naturally) on violin and keyboards, Ian Mosley on drums (later to be in Trace, Steve Hackett’s band and of course Marillion), John Etheridge on guitar (later to be a member of Soft Machine) and Dek Messacar on bass (later to be a member of Caravan).
They recorded three albums (‘Canis Lupus’ (1973), ‘Saturation Point’ (1973) and ‘Night Music’ (1974) of mainly instrumental tracks heavily influenced by classical music. Comparisons to Curved Air are inevitable as well as Caravan and ELP.
The band never really had any commercial break through despite making some decent recordings and being an excellent live act. Recommended! –progarchives.

Track List:
01 – The Ache (4:51)
02 – Two Sisters (4:21)
03 – Slow Rag (5:19)
04 – Market Overture (3:38)
05 – Game of X (5:49)
06 – Saturnation Point (6:46)
07 – Toy Symphony (7:14)
–Bonus Tracks–
08 – A Bunch of Fives (3:30)
09 – Five in the Morning (2:40)
10 – Two Sisters (single version) (3:19)


– Darryl Way (violin, viola, keyboards)
– John Etheridge (guitars)
– Dek Messecar (bass, vocals)
– Ian Mosley (drums)

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