Causa Sui- Free Ride (2007)(320 kb/s)

As always, these tracks are mainly composed from just hours and hours of jamming and taking the best and coolest riffs that come out of it and turning them into songs. This time around the sound is very very guitar driven with very intense riffing and soloing. The CD starts off with the excellent laid back Free Ride track (easy going psych track) before tearing your head off with the intense Lotus. White Sun is a long 10 minute jam with a cool middle section with some spacey sounds and organ but the intensity just takes off at the end… Powerful stuff… Passing Breeze has a nice melodic groove in the song but still a very intense guitar. Top of the Hill features a bit more organ but it fits well as the intensity stays high… The band really jams this one out live! Flowers of the Eventide is a short acoustic track with hand drums. A really nice break. The CD ends with New Born Road, which begins with a very Hendrix like wah guitar (think Voodoo Chile) but is a killer track… Quite an amazing experience.. can’t wait for the next one… The band are now a three piece so this should be interesting.. –aural innovations.

Track List:
01 – Free Ride (2:51)
02 – Lotus (7:50)
03 – White Sun (9:58)
04 – Passing Breeze (10:36)
05 – Top of the Hill (4:07)
06 – Flowers of Eventide (2:08)
07 – Newborn Road (15:01)

– Jakob Skøtt (drums and percussion)
– Jess Kahr (bass)
– Jonas Munk (guitars, keyboards and electronics)
– Kasper Markus (vocals)


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