Brainticket – Cottonwood Hill (1971)(256 kb/s)

Brainticket’s debut album is perhaps one of the most psychedelic recordings of all time (and also one I do enjoy). Led by Swiss keyboard wizard Joel Vandroogenbroeck, Brainticket will space you out beyond belief. ‘Cottonwood Hill’ is loaded with acid laced guitar solos, heavy forboding organ screeches and loads of psychedelic influenced lyrics and vocals. The uninitiated should recognize that the title song Brainticket Part 1 & 2 does have a major repetitive chorus which although I find perfectly psychedelic may trouble others out there. Like all good prog rock, Brainticket explore a vast array of music here and move from funk-like beats to heavy west-coast acid-freaked-out psychedelia. To sum it all up is to simply say that if your into the psychedelia then Brainticket is your long lost grandfather. –progarchives.

Track List:
01 – Black Sand (4:05)
02 – Places of Light (4:05)
03 – Brainticket Pt. 1 (8:21)
04 – Brainticket Pt. 1: Conclusion (4:36)
05 – Brainticket Pt. 2 (13:13)

– Ron Bryer (Guitar)
– Werner Frohlich (Bass, Bass guitar)
– Hellmuth Kolbe (Keyboards, Sound Effects)
– Cosimo Lampis (Drums)
– Dawn Muir (Vocals, Voices)
– Wolfgang Paap (Percussion, Tabla)
– Joel Vandroogenbroeck (Organ, Flute, Keyboards, Vocals)

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