Baby Grandmothers – Baby Grandmothers [1969]

Psychedelic/Space Rock
Some early Swedish psych prog is always interesting to discover and listen, and this record did not cause any disappoitments. In fact, it totally blow my mind and exceeded all of my expectations!
The band has a very strong trio playing style similar to the acid rock legends The Jimi Hendrix Experience and live sound of Cream, leaving the hit song try-outs behind and focusing to long, loose and trippy archaic improvisations. All players are very convincing, bringing much content to the sound, and the raw crush and tender melancholy of the group sucks the willing listener to a voyage to surreal world of impulsive sounds. Except for few wailings in the first track, the music is totally instrumental. –keep reading in progarchives.

Track List:
01 – Somebody Keeps Calling My Name (9:14)
02 – Being Is More Than Life I (5:40)
03 – Bergakungen (16:19)
04 – Being Is More Than Life II (19:44)
05 – St. George’s Dragon I (7:03)
06 – St. George’s Dragon II (0:57)
07 – Raw Diamond (1:30)

– Pelle Ekman (drums)
– Bengt ‘Bella’ Lannarsson (bass)
– Kenny Håkansson (guitar, vocals)


Baby Grandmothers – Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out [1967]

Baby Grandmothers is said to be one of the most prolific bands of the late 60s in Sweden. Hailing from Stockholm they were formed out of the beat band T-Boones which started in 1965, had success with producing some singles and drifted into the psychedelia sound more and more. The first line-up consisted of Pelle Ekman (drums), Göran Malmberg (bass) and Kenny Håkansson (guitar) but Malmberg was soon replaced by Bengt ‘Bella’ Linnarsson.
he band can be treated as ahead of time with a progressive experimental orientation playing long, mainly improvised songs oriented at Cream and Jimi Hendrix. –full review at… progarchives another review subliminal sounds.

Track List:
01 – Opus 1 – ascending (12:49)
02 – Opus 2 – floating (8:20)
03 – Opus 3 – descending (10.20)

– Kenny Håkansson (guitars)
– Pelle Ekman (drums)
– Bella Linnarsson (bass)

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