Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound – Ekranoplan (2007)(vbr)

The Fucking Champs’ Tim Green, who has produced records for the Melvins, Six Organs of Admittance, and Comets on Fire, is clearly a guy who understands the finer points of heavy, retrofitted psych-rock. And this professional expertise comes in particularly handy on Ekranoplan, the second album from Bay Area trio Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound. Following their self-released 2005 debut, which was limited to 500 copies, the group here gives all the familiar old Blue Cheer/Floyd/Elevators touchstones another thunderous and sympathetic throttle. Under Green’s watchful care, Assemble Head reach an appropriate balance between the spontaneous intensity of a live gig and a well-curated studio session, performing their passionate, formalist rock maneuvers with an accompanying waft of patchouli and beer-soaked denim. -keep reading in… pitchfork.

Track List:
01 – Ekranoplan (3:17)
02 – Mosquito Lantern (3:51)
03 – The Corner Zombies (3:44)
04 – A Bourbon for Rudy (6:09)
05 – Occult Roots (4:15)
06 – Ellen Koray (3:45)
07 – D Brown (5:36)
08 – The Morning Maiden (4:15)
09 – Gemini 7 (3:29)

– Michael Lardas (drums)
– Jefferson Marshall (guitar and bass)
– Anderson Lanbridge (theremin, moog)
– Camilla Saufley (keyboards, bass, flute, vocals)
– Charlie Saufley (guitar, bass, vocals)


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Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound – When Sweet Sleep Returned (2009)(320 kb/s)

It’s become somewhat apparent that since Comets on Fire have gone on a sort of hiatus, the world has been lacking really good, fuzzed out psych rock from California. Thankfully, Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound have stepped up to the plate with the release of their third LP, and possibly lifted the crown off the sleeping giant’s head.

What really sets these guys apart, and is noted in the opener ‘Two Stage Rocket’, is their ability to restrain themselves from going to places they cant find their way back from. Instead of long, watered-down ‘freak-outs’, Assemble Head seems more interested in sounding something like a 70’s Italian horror film with vocal harmonies by the Byrds circa Sweetheart of the Rodeo than some bastard child of the first Stooges record. –full review at… impose magazine.

Track List:
01 – Two Stage Rocket (3:27)
02 – Two Birds (7:37)
03 – Drunken Leaves (4:18)
04 – The Slumbering Ones (4:50)
05 – Kolob Canyon (5:55)
06 – By the Rippling Green (5:07)
07 – Clive and the Lyre (3:51)
08 – End Under Down (5:36)

– Michael Lardas (drums)
– Jefferson Marshall (guitar and bass)
– Anderson Lanbridge (theremin, moog)
– Camilla Saufley (keyboards, bass, flute, vocals)
– Charlie Saufley (guitar, bass, vocals)
– Tim Green (vibraphone, e-bow, drums)
– Christina Monsfield (vocals)
– Brett Constantino (vocals)
– Evan Reese (vocals)
– Cindi Kazarian (viola)


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