Anubian Lights – Naz Bar (2001)

Boasting ‘the finest quality sound fidelity that can be achieved with a cheap microphone’, the third record from the Anubian Lights is mysteriously enticing. Applying everything they’ve learned from former projects such as Pressurehed and DJ Me DJ You, the duo’s eclectic exotica blends the kinkiness of ’60s film soundtracks, the bouncy Moogs from synth pop, and percussive sounds from across the globe. The highlight of the album belongs to ‘Smoke and Mirrors’, a delightful dance track that skips along with the help of a merry, androgynous vocal. For the remainder, the Anubian Lights never cease to surprise. The 70-plus minutes scurry through peculiar synth tracks and sampling, before blasting off with the 12-minute ‘Outer Space Music’. –taken from… amg.

Track List:
01 – Introduction (0:16)
02 – What a Bagdad Had (5:08)
03 – Smoke and Mirrors (4:04)
04 – In Flight (1:31)
05 – Out Flight (4:46)
06 – Epsilon (6:19)
07 – Dreamstate in the Mainframe (3:50)
08 – Micronite (4:54)
09 – Hot Sand (4:37)
10 – Starvox (5:12)
11 – Lazy Town (7:05)
12 – The 3-Step Formula (6:01)
13 – Smoothing Out the Curve (4:48)
14 – Outer Space Music (12:14)

– Paul Fox (SH-101)
– Len del Rio (synthesizer, programming, loops)
– Tommy Grenas (synthesizer, drums, guitar (bass), vocals, electronic sounds, loops)



Anubian Lights – Let Not The Flame Die Out (1998)

Anubian Lights are an electro-lounge outfit from L.A. masterminded by Tommy Greñas and Len del Rio. Continuously exploring space rock’s possibilities, they mix sci-fi kitsch with acid-rock, spaced-out electronic and world-music, building their songs layer by layer and then filling their hooky loops with subtle details. This groove-driven (and outright danceable) material is progressive in a way, although not in the ‘prog’ sense per se. With the use of sampling, synths, drum machines and deep pulsating bass, they churn out some playful and infectious foot-tapping, hip-shaking numbers, creating hypnotic landscapes à la Can and Kraftwerk. At times rubbing shoulders with members of Hawkwind, Greñas and del Rio have covered a lot of ground over the years, creating a string of other ambient beat bands such as Chrome, Farflung, The Brain, Zero Gravity and Pressurehed.

–keep reading in… progarchives.

Track List:
01 – The Fire Breathes (3:35)
02 – South Of Dashur (4:43)
03 – The Locusts Call (6:24)
04 – One Eye To The Sky (5:12)
05 – Ali Mamoun’s Broken Entranceway (5:25)
06 – Frequency Of Sand (7:13)
07 – Mutashaker (Thank You) (5:31)
08 – Our Man In Baghdad (4:16)
09 – Atoms Of The Gods (1:37)
10 – As Seen In 822 A.D. (3:52)
11 – Sanctuaries Of Jupiter (4:03)
12 – Nara-Yana (5:26)
13 – Vision Of A New Homeland (5:14)
14 – Let Not The Flame Die Out (6:41)

– Gilli Smyth (vocals (background)
– Simon House (electric violin)
– Nik Turner (flute, saxophone)
– Tommy Grenas (guitar, keyboards, Moog bass)
– Doran Shelley (guitar, Arp Omni)

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