Agitation Free – Malesch (1972)(bonus track)(320 kb/s)

Malesch is an album by German rock group Agitation Free. It was released in 1972 on the Music Factory label, and later on the Vertigo Records label. It was reissued on CD in 1992 by the Spalax label and in 2001 by the Garden of delights label and again in 2008 by Revisited Records. The album was inspired by the group’s travels through Egypt, Greece, and Cyprus.

Track List:
01 – You Play for Us Today (6:15)
02 – Sahara City (7:51)
03 – Ala Tul (4:53)
04 – Pulse (4:51)
05 – Khan el Khalili (5:34)
06 – Malesch (8:24)
07 – Rücksturz (2:09)
08 – Music Factory (bonus track)

– Michael Günther (bass, live-tapes)
– Michael Hoenig (synthesizer, electronic devices, steel guitar)
– Uli Pop (Bongos, on #1)
– Burghard Rausch (drums, marimbaphone, vocals)
– Jorg Schwenke (Guitar)
– Lutz Ulbrich (guitar, 12-string guitar, Hammond organ, zither)
– Peter Michael Hamel (keyboards, Hammond organ)

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