Voice Of The Seven Thunders – Voice Of The Seven Thunders (2010)

Since 2003 Rick Tomlinson has released numerous singles and an album as Voice Of The Seven Woods, but he replaced the arboreal with the electrical after supposedly discovering a book of apocalyptical prophesies dating back to the late 1800s. However, from the second the fuzzed-up guitar hits you at the start of ‘Kommune’, it’s clear the name change is also reflective of Tomlinson’s musical development; aside from occasional bucolic moments, such as the closer ‘Disappearances’, the freak-folk forest of yore has been largely cleared and replaced by krautrock rhythms, tape loops and guitar workouts that can only be described as blistering. –keep reading in… rough trade.

Voice of the Seven Thunders is already drawing comparison to the heyday of ’70s acid rock and the likes of Amon Düül II, Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, Japan’s Flower Travellin’ Band, early Pink Floyd, the Velvet Underground’s drone jams, the electronic kosmische of Cluster and the unhinged organic grooves of International Harvester. The album was recorded in just three days in the spring of 2009 at Andy Ramsey’s Stereolab studio with engineer Jimmy Robertson, and features long-standing Tomlinson collaborator Chris Walmsley on drums and Rory Gibson on bass. Voice of the Seven Thunders will play select dates as a full band in 2010. –taken from… holy mountain.

Track List:
01 – Open Lighted Doorway (0:15)
02 – Kommune (3:41)
03 – Out Of The Smoke (2:16)
04 – Third Transition (0:28)
05 – Burning Mountain (2:59)
06 – Dry Leaves (3:35)
07 – Dalalven (3:24)
08 – Cylinders (7:00)
09 – Set Fire to the Forest (8:35)
10 – Disappearances (3:00)

– Ricky Tomlinson (vocals, guitar, cornet, synthesizer, electronics)
– Chris Walmsley (drums, percussion)



  1. This songs brilliant, I really like it. The names are very similar, and the sound isn’t too different either so I understand how you got confused. :P

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    I’m thankful to find it…

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    I love your musical choices, and i’d be grateful to enlighten the greeks.

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