The Oscillation – Veils + Bonus CD (2011)

It is almost three years since the release of The Oscillation’s debut album ‘Out Of Phase’ for DC recordings. In those three years the band have played live all over the world to great acclaim and Demian Castellanos has clearly honed his musical vision. Whilst the debut album was dominated by stripped back grooves and motorik rhythms ‘Veils’ sees The Oscillation sound mature in numerous ways: song craft and introspection adding to the already rich sonic textures to create a powerful and varied new collections of songs. From the industrial pulse of ‘Future Echo’ to the haunted b-movie swagger of ‘Fall’, the disco dub fury of ‘Telepathic Birdman’ to the ecstatic melancholy of ‘See Through You’, the album features a remarkable spectrum of sonic experiences that range from beautifully crafted melodic songs to droning, no-wave chaos.

This CD version comes with a special bonus disc featuring six previously unreleased ambient tracks. –taken from… all time low productions. –another review at roadburn.

Track List:
01 – Sandstorm (4:23)
02 – Future Echo (5:47)
03 – Fall (3:14)
04 – The Trial (4:40)
05 – Interlude (0:52)
06 – Telepathic Birdman (8:15)
07 – Shake Your Dreams Awake (5:49)
08 – See Through You (4:27)
09 – Veils (11:51)
10 – Lament (7:01)

The Oscillation – Veils (Bonus CD) (2011)
Track List:
01 – Ascent (5:40)
02 – Cold Blue Flame (7:51)
03 – Flickering (2:50)
04 – Moscovite Mindwaves (4:27)
05 – The Astral Eyeline (3:16)
06 – Dead Cell Memory (6:13)


The Oscillation – Out Of Phase (2007)

The tracks on ‘Out of Phase show an artist who is as comfortable making pop songs as expansive psychedelic freakouts. Tracks like ‘Respond In Silence’ demand comparison with the harder edge of the 70’s krautrock scene. The lambent vocal tones of ‘Hear Your Sadness’ recall bands like Spiritualized or Loop at their most medicated, ‘Liquid Memoryman’ like The Ruts battling their way out of an echo chamber to a background of white noise.

‘Out Of Phase’ contains the single ‘Head Hang Low’, a blissed out reworking of Julian Cope’s moribund ballad from 1984 newly rendered by Castellanos into a bitter sweet dose of pop melancholia. – dc recordings.

Track List:
01 – Visitation (3:45)
02 – Liquid Memoryman (4:08)
03 – Violations (3:46)
04 – Distant Transmission (1:11)
05 – Head Hang Low (3:42)
06 – Comatone [Part One] (4:31)
07 – Respond In Silence (4:29)
08 – This Is Nowhere (2:15)
09 – Gamelan Mindscape (4:30)
10 – Hear Your Sadness (6:01)
11 – Saturn 5 (4:34)
12 – Comatone [Reprise] (3:47)
13 – Visitation [Exit] (10:17)

– Demian Castellanos.. Live: DC (vox, guitar)
– Tom Relleen (bass)
– Chris Wackrow (keys)
– Jon Abbey (Drums)

The Underground Youth – EP ‘Low Slow Needle’ (2011)

acá les dejo el enlace del nuevo ep de los The Underground Youth

Track List:
01 – Midnight Lust (4:52)
02 – On Your Screen (4:19)
03 – Addiction (4:00)
04 – Blue (3:44)

publicado el 17 de octubre por bandcamp la descarga es libre asi que consigan su copia!!

i want to listen more about them soon please..

The Underground Youth

The Underground Youth es una banda psicodélica británica liderada por Craig Dyer.

El es un músico que desparrama talento y sensualidad sin prejuicios en cada uno de sus álbums, les recomiendo que escuchen todos sus discos por que ninguno se iguala o es mejor que el anterior. Por mucho The Underground Youth, se ha convertido en una de mis bandas favoritas!  …tal vez podamos verlos tocar en vivo en algún próximo ‘personal fest’ sería genial, o solo a ellos en concierto, aquí en buenos aires!

Antes de fin de año Craig va a publicar un nuevo EP llamado ‘On Your Screen’, la descarga sera gratis así que sigan las actualizaciones en su pagina de facebook.

También como adelanto podes escuchar la canción ‘Blue’ desde soundcloud.

ha… una cosa más… no se olviden de colaborar con los artistas comprando sus discos okay?   saludos _teddy.

Morally Barren LP – 2009 

Voltage LP – 2009

Mademoiselle LP – 2010

Sadovaya LP – 2010

Delirium LP – 2011

Sitios web de The Underground Youth:





craig… thank you very much for your music and your friendship :)

Slowdive – Souvlaki (2005)(Deluxe Edition)

Souvlaki is an album by the British dream pop/shoegazing band Slowdive. It was released on May 17, 1993 in the UK and on February 8, 1994 in the U.S. Widely regarded as their best album, it benefits from synthesizer contributions from co-producer Brian Eno on ‘Sing’ (which he co-wrote) and ‘Here She Comes’. The album’s U.S. release includes the previously unreleased cover of ‘Some Velvet Morning’ (written by Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra in 1967) and three tracks from the band’s 1993 5 EP, comprising the four U.S. release bonus tracks.
According to interviews with the band, the album was titled after an explicit skit on the first album by telephone pranksters The Jerky Boys, containing the line: ‘My wife loves that Greek shit. She’ll suck your cock like souvlaki’.

Track List:
[original release]
01 – Alison (3:52)
02 – Machine Gun (4:28)
03 – 40 Days (3:15)
04 – Sing
Effects [Treatments], Keyboards – Brian Eno
Written By – Slowdive/Brian Eno
Written-By – Brian Eno , Slowdive
05 – Here She Comes
Effects [Treatments], Keyboards – Brian Eno (2:21)
06 – Souvlaki Space Station (5:59)
07 – When the Sun Hits (4:47)
08 – Altogether (3:42)
09 – Melon Yellow (3:53)
10 – Dagger (3:34)

[remastered re-issue 2005]
01 – Some Velvet Morning (3:23)
02 – So Tired (4:03)
03 – Moussaka Chaos (6:24)
04 – In Mind (3:45)
05 – Good Day Sunshine (5:08)
06 – Missing You (4:15)
07 – Country Rain (3:34)
08 – In Mind (Bandulu Mix) (8:06)
09 – In Mind (Reload Mix) (10:26)

The December Sound (The Silver Album) (2007)

The December Sound are a Boston/Brooklyn band (guitarist/vocalist Zack Sarzana relocated to Brooklyn) who recently released their debut album. The set opens with ‘Never’, a full impact assault of heavy rocking psychedelia, as if Helios Creed were playing guitar with the Brian Jonestown Massacre. The intensity level goes into orbit on ‘No Heaven Like Hell’. The guitars bubble and shimmer like Hawkwind’s Space Ritual, but with a punked out searing edge. Relentless! ‘Drone Refusenik’ has a trippy Eastern flavor to an otherwise power psych rocking tune. ‘Painkiller’, ‘Maker’ and ‘Tape Tape’ are other power psych rock tunes I enjoyed.

I’ve read where a number of reviewers have referred to The December Sound as Shoegaze, but I don’t see how they could be labeled a Shoegaze band. ‘Reminder’ and ‘Truth Hurts’ certainly explore that realm, with their heavy but totally dreamy guitars. But otherwise, definitely not Shoegaze. 月 の 音 12 is a cool track with a mish-mash of freaked out efx’d guitar, drones, voice samples and general psycho mind-fuckedness. ‘Kill Me (Before I Kill You)’ is probably the closest to a pop song on the album. –keep reading in… aural innovations.

Track List:
01 – Never (3:34)
02 – No Heaven Like Hell (3:46)
03 – Drone Refusenik (5:39)
04 – Do You In (2:44)
05 – Painkiller (4:03)
06 – Reminder (4:49)
07 – 月 の 音 12 (4:25)
08 – Kill Me (Before I Kill You) (6:39)
09 – Maker (2:51)
10 – Il Forte (3:55)
11 – Truth Hurts (4:37)
12 – Tape Tape (3:08)
13 – Not If It’s on Your Time (13:36)

The Vocokesh – …All This And Hieronymus Bosch (2007)

The Vocokesh exists for nearly twenty years now initiated by guitarist Richard Franecki who left the band F/i to constitute his own one. John Helwig joined later and they are building up the band’s core until today also making out the main trademark – the masterful psychedelic/spacey guitar work offered with a well used feedback, echo and delay technique. They are just playing what they want to play – not really peering hard at a commercial success. Every album differs but the main approach is to appear with an avantgarde point of view I assume. Three song titles are referring to someone who is named ‘Eddie’ by the way. But only the band knows the background (if existing anyway …) They don’t abandon their tradition to act instrumental – and experimental, sometimes even sounding slightly dissonant to my ears. The noticable difference to the former albums is the fact that ‘… All This And Hieronymus Bosch’ lacks of longer jams which are crossing the ten minute mark. And electronics are taking a back seat. The songs are rather compact this time and some are provided with an acid/garage rock attitude a little bit. For example Once More Near The Beginning shows a straight rocking behaviour – but this is additionally decorated with an excellent spacey echoing guitar – great song and my highlight! The Truth Regarding Sunspots is so weird on the other hand. The instruments are played like they are acting on their own only, collateral but not in chime – this keeps at least for the first impressions – crazy! Even the bass is soloing a lot here and this is backed by some synthy patterns. -kept reading in… progarchives.

Track List:
01 – Eddie Makes The Scene (5:37)
02 – Gazing At The Dust (4:28)
03 – Once More Near The Beginning (5:53)
04 – The Truth Regarding Sunspots (4:51)
05 – Blue Light Dharma Shuffle (4:44)
06 – John’s Fuzz Theme (3:19)
07 – Eddie’s Freakout (8:21)
08 – Standing In The Ruins (6:22)
09 – Vibe #8 (5:59)
10 – All This And Hieronymus Bosch (9:04)
11 – Eddie Makes An Exit (5:44)

– Richard Franecki (guitar, bass, sitar, harmonica)
– John Helwig (lead guitar)
– Rusty (drums, percussion)
– Doug Pearson (synthesizer)
– Hal McGee (electronics)

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