A.R. & Machines – A.R. IV [1973]

This albums is clearly a lost classic that figures among the best recordings offered by German progressive rock. It features two long improvised compositions including a vast array of instruments and groovy, jazzy rhythms put into a spaced out rocking trip. ‘Vita’ is a sumptuous orchestral track dominated by Reichel’s typical bluesy, almost funky and cyclical / delay guitar workouts. The accompaniment combines excellent exotic percussion parts with solo flute / sax lines. The acid fuzz guitar of Reichel provides an eloquent, propulsive jazzy rock mantra. ‘Aqua’ starts with a tranquil atmospheric, dreamy-like introduction then progressively goes into a luminous, colourful happy semi-folk and bluesy- kraut jamming with lot of patterns and clear guitar solos. Just imagine something between Agitation Free, Embryo, Manuel Gottsching with a gentle eastern jazzy pop dimension. Eclectic, extremely complex prog/ psych obscurity, full of excellent kraut-improvisations. A very ambitious project. –progarchives.

Track List:
01 – Vita – Cave Explorers And Birdmen (5:25)
02 – Vita – The Man In Kidleather (10:43)
03 – Vita – Thin Is The Skin Of Ecstasy (5:47)
04 – Aqua – Every Raindrop Longs For The Sea (23:00)

– Achim Reichel (guitar, vocals)
– Helmuth Franke (guitar)
– Hans Hartmann (bass)
– Claus-Robert Kruse (electric piano)
– Jochen Petersen (sax, flute)
– Hans Boche (drums)
– Olaf Casalich (percussion)
– Matti Klatt (percussion)
– Frank Wulf (recorders, sitar)
– Churchill Jolobe (drums)
– Carsten Bohn (percussion)
– Frank Dostal (lyrics)



  1. cual me recomendás para una primera escucha de esta gente??

  2. hola migue! yo te diria que empieces por ‘echo’ o este tambien, aun que los tres estan buenos.

    yo tambien te mando…mmm.. besiños no! (por que me dan alergia)

    …yo te mando besotes!!

    • entonces abriremos oídos con tus sugerencias!

      • mmm.. mis sugerencias a veces no son para festejar precisamente eh..
        pero si, es una excelente banda :)
        rebesote x 2, el otro es para tu flaca.

        cariños migue

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