Oresund Space Collective – Good Planets Are Hard To Find (2009)(320 kb/s)

It’s thoroughly amazing that all of Good Planets Are Hard to Find came out of improvisation. So many bands agonize over songwriting and have never recorded their music together in one room at one time. Certainly, Øresund Space Collective pick the best stuff to appear on a full-length release such as this, but I can’t imagine the ‘worst’ stuff being very bad at all. Anyone who enjoys jam bands, progressive rock, or space rock should absolutely check out this group – even greater things will continue to come out of these improv sessions.

-mm… i do not know where i read this.

Track List:
01 – Good Planets Are Hard To Find (9:43)
02 – Space Fountain (8:51)
03 – Orbital Elevator (16:12)
04 – Pf747-3 (19:36)
05 – My Heel Has A Beard (6:01)
06 – MTSST (19:28)

– Tobias (guitars))
– PIB (drums)
– Thomas, Jocke (bass)
– Luz (percussion)
– Mogens (Hammond, synths)
– Dr. Space (Synths)
– KG (sitar, guitar, Hammond)




  1. you really can’t go wrong with any OSC.one of my favorites.

  2. yeah they are out of this world

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