Electric Orange – Krautrock From Hell (2010)(320 kb/s)

Operating since the early 90’s, Electric Orange is surely one of the best German neo-kraut rock bands. At some point they have also tried a bit more modern touch, but are on their best on their early 70’s styled, lengthy and hypnotic jams full of organ, synthesizers, electric guitar, groovy bass, tribal drumming and psychedelic effects. Krautrock from Hell released on Sulatron is their latest album and includes an almost 80-minute-long dose of mind-expanding space music.

–full review at… psychotropic zone.

Track List
01 – Bandwurm (5:44)
02 – Sundos (5:00)
03 – Chorg [Cpt. Gyrok’s] (10:51)
04 – Hers (9:38)
05 – Kunstkopf (6:29)
06 – Neuronomicon (25:02)
07 – Wurmloch (15:40)

– Dirk Bittner (guitars, voice, percussion, tapes)
– Dirk Jan Müller (organ, synthesizer, piano, mellotron, tapes)
– Tom Rückwald (bass)
– Georg Monheim (drums, percussion)
– Josef Ahns (guitars, flutes)



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