The Out Crowd – Then I Saw the Holy City (2004)(224 kb/s)

A rock & roll band from Portland, OR” doesn’t sound like the most enticing of come-ons when looking for a healthy swig of shaggy rock moonshine. But the understatement by this ‘not Seattle’ based five-piece is one of the most intoxicating slabs of retro rock to hit the shelves in 2004, not the least because bandleader Matt Hollywood was the bass player for indie darlings and poster boys for self-destruction, the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Sure, they might wear their influences like a grease stain on their vintage jeans, but any group that can cull up aural references to the Rolling Stones, the Byrds, Gram Parsons and the Stooges up through to Blur and Wilco without ever pulling their stringy hair out of their face deserves endless respect. ‘Little Elf’ pictures Hunky Dory era Bowie taking a trip to Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s studio, with George Martin’s orchestra in tow, while ‘Drugsick’ finds Hollywood pairing vocals with tambourine/guitar (in that order) player Sarah Jane for the sort of junkie ballad we once looked to Royal Trux to deliver. And for those who can’t stay off the narcotics, ‘If You’re Cool’, ‘Instant Dharma’ and ‘Sports’ all turn the psychedelic stomp-pedal to ten, the later reconfiguring the classic ‘Gloria’ guitar riff with Spaceman 3 dry mouth and a timpani (!!!) Who ever said dope, acid and rock & roll was a bad idea? –all music.

Track List:
01 – Little Elf (4:31)
02 – Be Good (5:35)
03 – Concentrate (4:45)
04 – Drugsick (6:37)
05 – Your Highness (3:45)
06 – If You’re Cool (4:38)
07 – Instant Dharma (1:28)
08 – All I Want (4:54)
09 – Sports (9:10)
10 – Big Brother (2:58)
11 – Bring Out Yer Dead (5:01)
12 – Gets in the Way (3:46)
13 – Treaty Breaker (7:20)
14 – Eyes of Blue (8:04)



Noetics – Delayed Back (2009)(vbr)

The 3rd studio album was published by Noetics in 2009. It contains 11 smooth instrumental tracks that combine downbeat, dub, jazz and drum&bass. Various guest musicians joined the recording sessions and rounded up the compositions.
The artwork of this digipack was made by the great artist Oliver Vernon.

Track List:
01 – Peninsolar (5:53)
02 – Vibrant Hydrant (4:42)
03 – Rumpankong (5:39)
04 – Rotterdub (4:21)
05 – Der Heikle Mann (5:04)
06 – Dschungelgelöt (5:20)
07 – Nukular (3:37)
08 – Schinkenwurst Dub (6:44)
09 – Grant Lump & The Elevator (3:35)
10 – Santa Grinse (3:55)
11 – Mähdrescher (5:38)

– Christoph Majewski (guitar, synthesizer)
– Ole Ohlendorf (keyboards, synthesizer)
– Christian Schmidt (percussion)
– Patrick Wurster (drums)
– Arne Borchard (bass)

Noetics – Noetics (1999)(192 kb/s)

The CD starts off with perhaps the best track, ‘Styrophoam Peanuts’. This song has a definite Ozrics style beginning but when the song gets going they go for the more 80’s style Ozrics sound with the echoy guitar and etc. ‘Shroomin” is next and is also appears as the last track in a remix version. This song is very jazzy, almost in a reggae or Latin style jazz, but starts with some very cool synth sounds. I think there is very strong playing by the members on this CD. ‘Phallus Fiction’ is the bands instrumental funk style number. You can tell these guys had listened to a few jazz fusion records like Al Dimeola and John McLaughlin as the music shows the influence, but does not have the ripping guitar leads. The guitar player is quite modest. ‘D-Dope’ also appears as a regular track and a remix and is the only track with programmed drums for part of the track and is more electronic in nature. ‘Wolfi’s Dream’ starts with a digieridoo or a sampled one and is a slow building track with layers of interesting things slowly emerging. Quite an interesting CD for those who like the Ozric Tentacles and a bit more jazzy style. -full review at … aural innovations.

Track List:
01 – Styrophoam Peanuts (5:12)
02 – Shroomin’ (5:59)
03 – Phallus Fiction (3:10)
04 – D-Dope (5:24)
05 – Solid Fluid (3:07)
06 – Wolfi’s Dream (8:57)
07 – D-Dope (4:38)
08 – Shroomin’ [Backflash Remix] (6:15)

– Christoph Majewski (guitar)
– Ole Ohlendorf (keyboards)
– Christian Schmidt (percussion)
– Patrick Wurster (drums)
– Arne Borchard (bass)

‘Cohearence’ is the second studio album by Noetics and was published 2001. It contains 12 tracks ranging from Space Rock, Dub and Downbeats.

Track List:
01 – Miraculix (3:55)
02 – Ikasaubaahh!dukasauba (4:59)
03 – Raumnacht (4:33)
04 – Bossa Supernova (2:42)
05 – The Dude (5:19)
06 – Mind, The Gap (4:59)
07 – Gunsch! (4:37)
08 – Song Of The Barnecles (5:56)
09 – Flugbereiter (5:21)
10 – Der Schleicher (5:45)
11 – Bothfeld Skyline (6:01)
12 – Element 105 (7:36)

– Arne Borchard (Bass)
– Patrick Wurster (Drums)
– Christoph Majewski (Guitar)
– Christian Schmidt (Percussion)
– Ole Ohlendorf (Synthesizer)
– Emél Mohammad-Yar (Tabla)


Dirty Three – Sad & Dangerous (1995)(192 kb/s)

On their debut, Dirty Three seems to be working out future ideas. Most of the songs are quite lengthy, and some of the more repetitive numbers are often hurt by this (‘Kim’s Dirt’, ‘Turk Reprise’). As a result of the band’s experimentation, however, we see a different side of the group not witnessed on later efforts. For instance, Warren Ellis sets down his violin to play bass on ‘Jim’s Dog’, a song that seems like it would fit perfectly on a film-noir detective movie soundtrack. One of the greatest moments on the record arrives in the form of ‘Turk’, appropriately the last song and the biggest epic. Here, Dirty Three emits dark Eastern melodies that build until they finally climax into a shrieking, stuttered middle section. In the end, there are two sides to the material on the album: pure emotional feeling and meandering filler. –all music.

Track List:
01 – Kim’s Dirt (10:37)
02 – Killy Kundane (7:10)
03 – Jaguar (5:03)
04 – Devil In The Hole (4:20)
05 – Jim’s Dog (6:30)
06 – Short Break (3:21)
07 – Turk Reprise (3:44)
08 – You Were A Bum Dream (5:06)
09 – Warren’s Waltz (7:04)
10 – Turk (10:09)

– Warren Ellis (Violin, Bass on #5)
– Jim White (Percussion)
– Mick Turner (Guitar, Bass)


Colour Haze – Los Sounds De Krauts (2003)(320 kb/s)

If you have never heard Colour Haze, then you are in for a treat. The band have a unique groove that mixes that 70s sound with the more modern stoner rock sound but the songs are excellent and the band really get hypnotic and go way out into experimental songs (like the good old Kraut rock of the 70s, hence the title!) –full review at… aural innovations.

Track List:
01 – I Won’t Stop (8:15)
02 – Roses (6:10)
03 – Zen (7:27)
04 – Plazmakeks (10:59)
05 – 2 + 7 (3:01)
06 – Sundazed (9:47)

01 – Where the Skies End (4:11)
02 – Weltraummantra (18:00)
03 – Other Side (2:13)
04 – Overriding (17:38)
05 – Schlaflied (2:32)

– Manfred Merwald (drums)
– Philipp Rasthofer (bass)
– Stefan Koglek (guitar, vocals)
– Martin Muench (Fender Rhodes on #3 cd1)
– Klaus Kammerloher (Korgel on #4 cd2)



Sun Dial – Return Journey (1994)(320 kb/s)

This album is wah-wah overdrive heaven. The band tears it up from start to finish. it starts with their cover of a psyche 60’s song ‘magic potion’ and continues to blast your mind with seven more great songs,’sunstroke’ being my favorite because of its slow buildup. This album is in my top 20 favorite psyche records. –psychedelic music.

Track List:
01 – Magic Potion (5:55)
02 – North Eastern (4:19)
03 – Fireball (6:33)
04 – Through You (4:37)
05 – U.V. (2:45)
06 – Sunstroke (13:47)
07 – Mind Train (5:46)
08 – Slow Motion (3:22)
09 – Sunstroke (take one) Outer Limits To Yr Brain (8:38)

– John Pelech (Drums, Percussion)
– Gary Ramon (Guitar, Bass, Vocals)
– Anthony Clough (Keyboards)


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