Peter Hammill – Fool’s Mate (2005 Digital Remaster + bonus)(320 kb/s)

Fool’s Mate is the debut solo album by Peter Hammill of progressive rock band Van der Graaf Generator. The title is both a chess and tarot reference. It was produced by Trident Studios‘ in-house producer John Anthony. The album was recorded in 1971, in the midst of one of Van der Graaf Generator’s most prolific periods. Hammill used the album to record a backlog of songs which were much shorter and simpler than his Van der Graaf Generator material, and declared on the original album sleeve: ‘This isn’t intended to be any kind of statement of my present musical position, but at the same time, it is an album which involves a great deal of me, the person, basically a return to the roots’. -kept reading in… wikipedia.

Track List:
01 – Imperial Zeppelin (Hammill, Chris Judge Smith) (3:36)
02 – Candle (4:16)
03 – Happy (2:36)
04 – Solitude (4:56)
05 – Vision (3:13)
06 – Re-Awakening (4:01)
07 – Sunshine (3:56)
08 – Child (4:25)
09 – Summer Song (In The Autumn) (2:13)
10 – Viking (Hammill, Judge Smith) (4:44)
11 – The Birds (3:38)
12 – I Once Wrote Some Poems (2:56)
··bonus tracks on 2005 reissue··
13 – Re-Awakening (early demos) (4:37)
14 – Summer Song (In The Autumn) (early demos) (2:50)
15 – The Birds (early demos) (3:23)
16 – Sunshine (early demos) (3:54)
17 – Happy (early demos) (2:49)
All tracks composed by Peter Hammill; except where indicated

– John Anthony (background vocals, producer)
– Hugh Banton (organ, piano, keyboards, background vocals)
– Rod Clements (bass, violin)
– Guy Evans (percussion, drums, background vocals)
– Robert Fripp (electric guitar)
– Peter Hammill (acoustic guitar, guitar, piano, keyboards, vocals)
– David Jackson (saxophone)
– Ray Jackson (harmonica, mandolin, harp, background vocals)
– Nic Potter (bass)
– Martin Pottinger (drums)
– Paul Whitehead (drums)


Wallenstein – Blitzkrieg (1971)(320 kb/s)

Wallenstein were a band that transcended a number of musical styles during their decade-plus of existence, from early krautrock to symphonic to space rock toward the end of their existence.
Wallenstein’s original lineup was centered around keyboardist/vocalist Jürgen Dollase and drummer Harald Großkopf, both of whom would go on to make names even bigger for themselves in the German music business (Dollase with The Cosmic Jokers and Großkopf as a founding member of Ashra and later the Central Europe Perfomance). The band was originally named Blitzkrieg, but as they readied their first studio release the band discovered a prior band with that name so changed theirs and retained ‘Blitzkrieg’ as the title of that first album.
Großkopf would leave the band following the 1975 release of ‘Stories, Songs & Symphonies’, and was replaced by former Zoppo Trump drummer Nicky Gebhard. This began a stretch of several lineup changes in the band, including the Genhard’s replacement of Charly Terstappen, who would himself move on as a member of the skirt band The Lords; the addition of Achim Reiser on violin and Dollase’s brother Rolf on flute; Jürgen PLuta on bass; and Gerb Klocker on guitar.
The band’s sound evolved from a straightforward kraut sound into a harder style reminiscent of Amon Düül II or Can, heavier on screaming guitar and piano with only sporadic mellotron for accent, and with the addition of violin and flute the band would adapt a truly symphonic sound for their later releases.
By the close of the seventies only Jürgen Dollase remained from the original lineup, and the band faded into oblivion following the 1981 release of ‘Ssssssstop!’.
Wallenstein are legitimate entrants into the progressive archives for their place in krautrock music history, and for the long list of memorable albums they left behind. –progarchives.

Track List:
01 – Lunatic (11:55)
02 – The theme (9:37)
03 – Manhatten Project (13:47)
04 – Audiences (7:38)

– Bill Barone (guitars, acoustic guitar, vocals)
– Jerry Berkers (bass, lead vocals)
– Jürgen Dollase (keyboards, Mellotron, lead vocals, words)
– Harald Großkopf (drums, percussion)

Siena Root – A New Day Dawning (2004)(320 kb/s)

Siena Root is a group and an experimental project with its roots in analogue oldschool rock music. The foundation is a trio from Stockholm that’s been around since the late ‘90s. The sound is classic but yet original, founded on heavy organ, strat leads, bass riffing and big drums. It is also often enriched with bluesy soulful vocals, indian classic instruments and psychedelic vibes.
In the sense that blues is blue, hard rock is black, and reggae is pan African coloured, this music has the colour of siena . It is a warm, earthy colour, originally from the muddy roots of Toscana. Because this sound has roots that go deep, it was natural to let root be a part of the bands name.
Four full lenght albums and one 7″ single have been released so far, each one marking the development and refinement of the bands diverse style. Through touring the music has developed in such a way, that jamming and improvising has become an essential element, always keeping you on the edge of your seat. A Siena Root concert is dramatic and exciting, visually, as well as emotionally. It’s a dynamic rootrock experience.

Track List:
01 – Coming Home (4:23)
02 – Just Another Day (4:38)
03 – Shine (2:55)
04 – . Fever (5:56)
05 – Above the Trees (3:32)
06 – What Can I Do (3:20)
07 – Little Man (4:26)
08 – Roots (4:42)
09 – Trippin’ (6:08)
10 – Until Time Leaves Us Again (6:12)
11 – Words (4:33)
12 – Rasayana (9:06)
13 – Into the Woods (8:19)

– Oskar Lundström (vocals, organ)
– KG West (lead guitar, organ, sitar, Rhodes, Mellotron)
– Sam Riffer (bass, percussion, vocals, double bass)
– Love H Forsberg (drums, percussion)

Siena Root – Kaleidoscope (2006)(320 kb/s)

Track List:
01 – Good and bad (7:56)
02 – Nightstalker (4:35)
03 – Blues 276 (3:45)
04 – Bhairavi Dhun (9:11)
05 – Crossing the stratosphere (4:14)
06 – There and back again (3:31)
07 – Ridin’ slow (6:01)
08 – Reverberations (11:49)

– Sanya (lead vocals)
– KG West (lead guitar, organ, sitar, Rhodes, Mellotron)
– Sam Riffer (bass, percussion, vocals, double bass)
– Love H Forsberg (drums, percussion)
– Anna Sandberg (flute)
– Anurag Choudhari (Bansuri)
– Tängman (Hurdy Gurdy)

Siena Root – Far From the Sun (2008)(320 kb/s)

From the moment you set eyes on the cover of Swedish band Siena Root’s Far From The Sun you can have no doubts where they are coming from. Their faces appearing from amongst a sea of red and yellow pot-pourried hues announce without doubt the heavy debt to late sixties-early seventies psychedelia. Some of that era’s music has not dated too well, in my opinion at any rate, but any concerns are dispelled within a few of the opening bars of “Dreams of Tomorrow”: gorgeous guitar riffs and a singer with a fantastic rock voice, oozing with presence and that rare ability of being able to dominate the stage (I know this is just the CD, but you can dream too, can’t you?). -kept reading in sea of tranquility.

Track List:
01 – Dreams Of Tomorrow (3:08)
02 – Waiting For The Sun (5:57)
03 – Time Will Tell (5:49)
04 – Almost There (7:50)
05 – Two Steps Backwards (3:31)
06 – Wishing For More (3:43)
07 – The Summer Is Old (8:00)
08 – The Break Of Dawn (4:39)
09 – Long Way From Home (10:10)

– Sartez Faraj (Sartez Abdulrahman) (lead vocals, guitar)
– KG West (lead guitar, organ, sitar, Rhodes, Mellotron)
– Sam Riffer (bass, percussion, vocals, double bass)
– Love H Forsberg (drums, percussion)
– Erik Lundin (Flute & Guitar)
– Krister Karlsson (Harmonica)

Siena Root – Different Realities (2009)(320 kb/s)

In days of old, the ancients spoke of records made of vinyl that played on both sides. Strangely, you had to get up and turn them over before placing a little needle in their grooves. Back in days of yore, bands knew of nothing else and wrote music to fit each side so that you didn’t get a break in the middle of a great solo or worst. Quaint huh?
Stockholm’s Siena Root has a perfect understanding of this concept and have produced an album which, despite arriving on a single sided piece of plastic, is perfectly divided into two parts, or two Different Realities, actually.
Different Realities is the fourth studio album from the jam,hippy hardrockers from Sweden. The first side ‘We’ (25.33) is divided into four tracks and the second ‘The Road To Agartha’ (25.37) has six. The result, after a years worth of work, is a fantastic, mind numbingly effective, trip out through hippyville, the East, and beyond.
Formed in the late nineties Siena Root has released three previous albums the last being the impressive Far From The Sun. Since then the rotating vocalist position has moved round again with the latest change leading to an album made up largely of excellent instrumental. -kept reading in blogcritics.

website siena root

siena root in myspace

Track List:
01 – We are Them (10:37)
02 – In the Desert (3:13)
03 – Over the Mountains (7:43)
04 – As We Return (4:01)
05 – Bairagi (4:05)
06 – Bhairavi (3:28)
07 – Ahir Bhairav (3:44)
08 – Bhimpalasi (1:24)
09 – Shree (2:28)
10 – Jog (10:18)

– Janet Jones Simmons (lead vocals)
– KG West (lead guitar, organ, sitar, Rhodes, Mellotron)
– Sam Riffer (bass, percussion, vocals, double bass)
– Love H Forsberg (drums, percussion)
– Anna Sandberg (Wind instruments, vocals)
– Tängman (Hurdy Gurdy)

Tale Of Diffusion – Adventures Of Mandorius (The Bird)(2009)(320 kb/s)

‘Adventures of Mandorius (The Bird)’ is an almost hour-long musical feast combining in its oniric compositions elements of progressive stylistics and jazz. The band following the example of 80s King Crimson, Porcupine Tree or Pink Floyd created an unique style, actually a whole new world, inviting listeners for a journey limited only by the scope of imagination. -kept reading on myspace.

Track List:
01 – Sound of Magic (6:52)
02 – Acting Like a Death (5:48)
03 – City of Swallowed Bells (8:47)
04 – Melody Man (17:34)
05 – Mandorius (6:00)
06 – New Life (1:28)
07 – Rebird (10:21)

– Bartosz Florczak (guitar)
– Michal Szmidt (guitar)
– Radoslaw Malinowski (drums)
– Tomasz Pawlikowski (bass)
– Pawel Marciniak (keyboards, guitars)
– Michal Marciniak (keyboards, guitars)
– Szymon Żmudzinski (trumpet)


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