Kingdom of the Holy Sun – Pharmacokinetic

Seattle psych rockers Kingdom of the Holy Sun’s new album, Pharmacokinetics, is a 14-track beggars banquet of stoned, snaky jams that run from about three to six minutes: concise enough not to try your patience, long enough to work their beatific-sundown charms on you.

Kingdom of the Holy Sun play the High Dive Sat. Sept. 15 at 5 pm with burgeoning local shoegaze stars Jetman Jet Team.

Check out the video for Kingdom of the Holy Sun’s ‘Factory Girl’ after the jump.



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TPR Featured Band: The Volta Sound

source.. TPR Featured Band: The Volta Sound.


Cleveland, Ohio’s The Volta Sound has a laid-back feel, reminiscent of happy, chill days and relaxed, good times. There’s a sunny-day, upbeat quality to the tunes, as if they were written when the sky was clear and blue and bright, and this morning’s mild hangover, shared amongst good friends, is a source of re-lived laughter and good cheer.

The Volta Sound embodies a combination of acoustic instrumentation in the style of  Beck and a motley of awesome synth sounds– spacey keyboards, synth percussion, and some sprinkling of psychedelic noise to complete their intelligently composed collage of sounds, which come across with strong, positive vibrations. There’s also a whimsical effect to both the tunes and the prescribed album art, as if The Volta Sound‘s work is, in part, crafted to give you the impression that life really isn’t all that serious, even when it is.
To-date, The Volta Sound has released three full-length records (Good Lookin’ Out Ya’llLike Entropy, and Aluminum Anemone) simultaneously, this past July via their local label, Totally Davenport. Despite the massive amount of material up-front, each record manages to stay fresh and entertaining– a noteworthy feat, as each separate work retains an overall related feel, both through the banana-peel-inspired images, as well as a distinct and familiar sound in the tunes, all the while maintaining a freshness and uniqueness.

Damon Moon and the Whispering Drifters ‘Motherless Child’

thank you dim it’s sooo beautiful!

Pyramidal – Dawn in Space (2011)

That Øresund Space Collective’s impact on ‘modern’ space rock scene (if there’s the space rock scene) is pretty significant certifies an Alicante’s (Spain) quartet, working under the name Pyramidal. Everything is in the mix: extensive improvisational solos, memorable hooks, spaciness, psychedelia and progressiveness.

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Track List:
01 – Intronauts (1:32)
02 – Black Land (8:58)
03 – Kosmik Blizzard (6:44)
04 – Dawn in Space (8:27)
05 – Plastikleuten (Part I & II) (10:29)
06 – Tempel Iaru (11:15)
07 – Mars Lagoon (14:19)

– Miguel Rodes (Electric Bass Guitar)
– Miguel Angel Sanz (Electric Guitar & Synthetizer)
– Óscar Soler (Electric Guitar & Voices)
– Lluís Mas (Drums & Percussion)



LSD Pond (lsd march + bardo pond) – LSD Pond (2008)

two nights of improvised recordings from the lemur house in philadelphia tracked during off nights of the eastern us tour of lsd march, masami kawaguchi’s new rock syndicate and bardo pond. each disc represents one night’s worth of material edited by michael gibbons, without overdubs. personal from each night vary and thus present different types of material.

Track List:
Disc 1 (recorded oct 11, 2006)
01 – We Are LSD Pond (17:22)
02 – Hikari Naki Sekai (23:12)
03 – Tamerai To Kurushimi (5:20)
04 – Utuwa No Naka No Mizu (15:43)
05 – Dosyaburi No Naka De (10:47)

– shinsuke michishita (guitar, bass, drums)
– masmai kawaguchi (guitar, bass)
– ikuro takahashi (percussion, drums)
– michael gibbons (guitar)
– john gibbons (guitar)
– jason kourkounis (drums, percussion)
– shibata nao (percussion)
– kikuchi akira (bass)

Disc 2 (recorded oct 14, 2006)
01 – We Are LSD Pond (25:06)
02 – Sugantanaki Kyofu (27:00)
03 – Yoru Kara Yorue (19:44)

– shinsuke michishita (guitar, bass, drums)
– ikuro takahashi (percussion, drums)
– michael gibbons (guitar)
– john gibbons (guitar)
– jason kourkounis (drums, percussion)
– clint takeda (bass)
– isobel sollenberger (vocals flute)

Cave – Psychic Psummer (2009)

Chicago’s Cave have returned with their distinct blend of momentum rock and it is, fittingly, their most fully realized disc yet. Tighter, funkier, spacier and more driving than anything they’ve done, this is the group at their best, concocting neo-Krautrock grooves that perfectly soundtrack the continued and colorful descent deeper into the new millennium.
Mixing equal parts Can and Stereolab (who, of course, took more than a bit from Can themselves) with a grooving and cruise-worthy psychedelicism propagated by the likes of Funkadelic, Cave manage to sound at once immediately familiar and entirely original, a trait uncommon in today’s increasingly oversaturated music landscape. Where many bands seem to be loosening their belt of late however, Cave is continually tightening, forging their jams into focused demonstrations of their collective potential. -check out review at.. brainwashed.

Track List:
01 – Gamm (6:22)
02 – Made in Malaysia (3:37)
03 – Encino Men (8:04)
04 – High, I Am (4:35)
05 – Requiem for John Sex (6:36)
06 – Machines and Muscles (3:57)

Weltraum – Magnolia (2009)

Weltraum = Space. This name is surprisingly occupied by a relatively young german band. Nevermind – it suits fine. Whenever or whereever you think of or talk about producer of trippy music – you won’t ignore this band any longer after listening to their current album ‘Magnolia’. The Weltraum crew around drummer Denniz Gockel and bass player Dora Gockel is experienced, busy for about ten years now with the preference on playing improvised psych/space music. During this time they produced more than 20(!) self-released albums, mainly recordings from their live gigs.
The band name obviously points to the stylistical fundament, the space rock. However – a synthesizer is missing here and the songs are made up in a special meditative mood accompanied by a proper portion of ethno flavour. This is reminding me of the Russian band Vespero during some parts.-full review at ..progarchives.

Track List:
01 – Magnolia (14:48)
02 – Break It (10:50)
03 – Leaving Astral Airport (2:46)
04 – Canalize (10:29)
05 – Drunken Eagle (4:42)
06 – Ufo Voices (1:29)
07 – End Ending (16:37)
08 – Dubrocks! (7:24)

– Dora Gockel (bass)
– Jens Dittberner (bass)
– Boris Mihatsch (guitar)
– Sebastian Widjaja (guitar)
– Denniz Gockel (drums)
– Tom Kosiowski (Didgeridoo, voice)
– Armin Wenk (Djembe)
– Jochen Kosanke (Fujara)
– Stefan Schindel (effects)


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